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Your strains inspiring, then, once more attune, Now that the gallant minstrel hath to us returned Who from our land too long was parted To what we owe his presence here amongst us In strange, mysterious darkness still is wrapp'd ; The magic power of song shall now reveal it, Therefore hear now the theme yon all shall sing. Who so most nobly this can tell, Him shall the Princess give the price. He may demand the fairest guerdon: I vouch that whatsoe'er he ask is granted. Bereitet hente uns deun auch ein Feat, Hent', wo der kiihne Sanger nns znriick- Gekehrt, den wir so ungern lang' vermissten.

Er ford 're ihn so hoch und kiihn er wolle, Ich sorg e, dass sie ihn gewahren solle. Wolfram von Eschinbaeh, begin thou? Gazing around upon this fair assembly, How doth the heart expand to see the scene I These gallant heroes, valiant, wise and gentle A stately forest soaring freeh and green.

And blooming by their side, in sweet perfection, I see a wreath of dames and maidens fair ; Their blended glories dazzle the beholder My song is mute before this vision rare. I raised my eyes to one whose starry splendor In this bright heaven with mild effulgence beams, And gazing on that puie and tender radiance, My heart was sunk in prayerful, holy dreamt. And lo I the source of all delights and power Was then unto "my list'ning soul revealed, From whose unfathomed depths all joy doth shower The tender balm in which all grief is healed. Oh, never may I dim its limpid waters, Or rashly trouble them with wild desires I I worship thee kneeling, with soul devoted: To live and die for thee my heart aspires I.

I know not if these feeble words can render What I have felt of love both true and tender. Oh, minstrel, if 'tis thus thou singest, Thon ne'er hast known or tasted love I If cold and timid heart thou briugest, A weary lot thy joy must prove 1 If thou desire an nnapproach'd perfection Behold the stars adore their bright reflection They were not made to be belov'd: They ne'er by human pray'r were mov'd 1 Bat what can yield to soft caresses, And, fram'd with me in mortal mould Gentle persuasion's rule confesses, And in these arms I may unfold This is for joy, and knows no measure, For love's fulfillment is its pleasure!

Bit, To mortal combat I defy thee! Shameless blasphemer, draw thy sword! As brother heucefoith we deny thee: Thy words profane too long we've heard 1 If I of love divine have spoken, Strength'ning in valor, sword and heart, Its glorious spell shall be unbroken Altho' from life this hour I part. Come, draw thy sword! Yea, idle boaster, Biterolf! Shall love be sung by thee, grim wolf? If any pale delight possess'd thee, That were indeed not worth a blow 1 filobUt.

We will not hear him, stay his daring madness. Wolfram von Eechinbach, beginne I Wflf. Aus ihmer schopfet gnadenreiche Wonnfen, Durch die mein Herz er namenlos exquickt. Und nimmer mocht' ich dissen Bronnen triiben, Beriihren nicht den Quell mit f revlem Muth: Versiegte wahrlich wohl die Welt.

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Heraus zum Kampfe mit uus Allen! Wer bliebe rnhig, hort er dich? Ha, thor'ger Prahler, Biterolf! Singst du von Liebe, grimmer Wolf? Gewisslich hast du nicht geineint Was mir geniessenswerth erscheint. Das gait wohl wahrlich keinen Streich i Ritter. Lasst ihn nicht endei t Wehret seiner Kiihnheit! Let ein cronch in the dnst before thee, Nor dare 'inongst us its head to raise I Thon, noble love, inspire me, Thy glory let m sing Thy flame immortp. Whose burn -ing soul once hath with ar. Away I away I nor near him stay I The Ladiet quit the Hall with gestures of dismay and horror ; Elisabeth, who hat heard the context with growing alarm, alone remains, pale and trembling, supporting herself against one of the pillars of the royal canopy.

The Landgrave, the Minstrels and Nobles have quitted their seats and stand to- gether. Tatuihavser remains some time longer as in a trance. Elisabeth, die dem Streite dei Sdnger mit wachsender Anast zugehdrt hatte, bleibt von den Frauen allein zuriick ; bleich, nur mit dem grffssten attfiaandt ihrer Kraft an einer der holzernen Saulen des Baldachin'i sich aufrecht erhaitend. Der Landgraf, alle Ritter una Sdnger haben ihre Sitze vtrlassen una treten zusammen. Landgrave, Knights and Nbles. Ye all have heard, His mouth hath confess'd That he hath shared the joys of Kell, In Venus' dark abode that dwell.

Disown him curse him banish him I Or let his traitor life-blood flow I Anathema, we call on thee: Elismketk thrtws herself between them. Lmndyravc, Knights and Nobles. Death and its terrors cannot crush me Like to the deadly wound that he hath struck me here Landgrave and Nobles. Oh, royal maid, can we believe thee 1 Let not thy guileless heart deceive the, Nor let his fate accursed grieve thee: Thou more than all the wretch should crm I Elisa. Think not of me! He must be saved I Ye would not rob his hope of heaven 1 landgrave and Nobles.

A crime like his is ne'er forgiven: The curse of Heav'n with him abide! Away from him 1 'Tis not for yon to judge him! He is one against you all. On me, a maiden young and tender, Yon knight hath struck a cruel blow I, who so deeply, truly lov'd him, Am hnrl'd in dark abyss of woe ' I pray for him spare him, oh, I implore ye I Let not the hope of pardon be denied! To life renew'd his sinking faith restore ye. Think that for him, too, once the Saviour died. Oh 1 lost and for ever. Landgrave, Knights and Nobles. An angel hath from Heav'n descended To bear us God's most high behest. Behold and see whom thou'st offended 1 Thy crime for ever haunt thy rest!

Thon gav'st her death she prays that life be spared thee! Who would not yield who heard the heav'nly mmidt Though as accursed and guilty I declar'd thee, The voice of Heav'n by me shall be obey'd. Tann Have mercy, Tnou! I cry to thee despairing I Oh, from the gulf of error set me free! Land A crime dark and unheard of hath befallen ; In mask of loyal knight there treacherously Stole amongst us sin's accursed child.

By us thon art disown'd Frcm this land thon art banisa'd. Ltndgraf, Ritter und Singer. Langraf, Ritter und Sanger. Die keusche Jnngfran f iir den Sunder? Was muss ich horen? Wie liess dein Herz sich so bethoren, Von dem die Strafe zn beschworen, Der auch so furchtbar dich verrieth. Was liegt an mir?

Landgraf, Ritter und Sanger. Verworfen hat er jedes Hoffen, Niemals wird ihm des Hell's Gewinn! Des Himmels Finch hat ihn getroffen! In seinen Siinden fahr' er hin! Weh 1 Weh mir Ungldcksel'gem. Landgraf, Ritter and Sanger. Blich hin, da schandlicher Verrftther, Werd' inne deiner Missethat! Thou with shame hast stained this threshold put t The wrath of heav'u may strike the roof That harbors thee, too long by guilt defil'd. One path alone can save thee from perdition, From everlasting woe by earth abandoned, One way is left: A band of pilgrims now assembled From every part of my domain ; This morn the elders went before them, The rest yet in the vale remain.

Tis not for crimes like thine they tremble, And leave their country, friends and home Desire for heav'nly grace is o'er them: They seek the sacred shrine at Rome. In dust bow down before him Who holds the keys of Heav'n, But never more returning Unless by him forgiven! Our just revenge resign'd we, Because an angel pray'd ; But yet this sword shall find thee Unless thon seek heav'ns aid. Great Heav'n, repentant kneeling, A sinner sues for grace ; Thy bounteous love revealing, Turn not away thy face.

In dust bending before him Who holds the keys of Heav'a I Oh, let thy light restore him, Oh, let him be forgiven! All hope on earth resigning, Thee I implore for aid ; My life, without repining, I offer up, a maid 1 Tmnn, Oh, where shall I find mercy? Oh, where shall I find rest? All hope from me hath vanish'd Despair within my breast I go repentant kneeling Before the throne of grace ; If bitter tears are healing, In dust I '11 hide my face. Oh, let me be forgiven, By her, the heavenly maid Whose heart by me was riven Whom basely I betray'd. At thy august and holy shrine I go to seek the grace divine.

Dnrch dich, und dranend blickt der Himmel selbM Anf dieses Dach, das dich zu lang schon birgt. Zur Rettnng doch vor ewigem Verderben Steht often dir ein Weg: Versammelt sind aus meinen Landen Bnssfert'ge Pilger, stark an Zahl: Landgraf, Hitter and Sanger. Mnsst' nnsre Rache weichen, Weil sie ein Engel brach: Dies Schwert wird dich erreichen, Harrst dn in Siind ' und Schmach!

Mit freudigem Erbeben Lass dir ein Opfer weihn! Nimm hin, o niinm mein Leben, Nicht nenn' ich es mehr mein 1 Tann. Wie soil ich Gnade finden, Wie bnssen meine Schuld? On the small eminence, Elisabeth is kneeling before the shrine in prayer.

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Wolfram comes dorm from a forest path ; he stops when he has defended halfway, per- oeiving Elisabeth. By yonder shrine I'm ever sure to find her, Kneeling in fervent prayer, When mv lonely and joyless way Back to he valley leads me. The death -blow struck by him within her She prays that Heaven may shrive the sinner, His weal imploring day and night. Oh, blessed love, how great thy might? The pilgrims soon from Rome will be retornfng; The year declines ere long they must be here.

Will he return repentant and absolv'dl This doth she pray for, Ileav'n entreating. Ye saints, oh grant their happy meeting, Although my wound may never heal, Oh, may she ne'er my anguish feel! Y saints, oh let me know my task, TLat I may worthily fulfil it! They come at last ; it is the pious chant, Telling of the sin absolv'd and pardon granted! Heaven, let her heart be strong If now her fate must be decided. Chtrus of Elder Pilgrims. Once more with joy, oh, my home, I may meet thee ; Once more, ye fair flow'ry meadows, I greet ye ; My pilgrim staff henceforth may rest, Since Ueav'n's sweet peace is within my breast.

The sinner's plaint on high was heard, Accepted by a gracious Lord ; The tears I laid before his shrine Are tnrned to hope and joy divine. Oh, Lord eternal praise be thine! The blessed source of thy mercy o'erflowing On souls repentant who seek Thee bestowing ; Of hell and death I have no fear, My gracious Lord is ever near.

Wolfram kommt links von aer waldi- gen Hffhe herab, aufhalber HShe halt er an all er Elisabeti yetoahrt. Wohl wuast ich hier sie Sm Gebet zn finden, Wie ich so oft sie treffe, wenn ich einsam A us wald'ger Huh' mich in das Thai verirre.

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O heil'ger Liebe ew'ge Macht! Von Rom znriick erwartet sie die Pilger. Schon fallt das Laub, die Heimkehr Bteht btror. Dies ist ihr Sang, sie sind's, sie kehren hi 1 Ihr Heil'gen, zeigt mir jetzt mein Amt, Dass ich mit Wiirde es erf iille! Gesang der ateren Pilger. Er kehrt aicht zur ikk I No. Oh, bless ed Vlr gin, Hear my prayer! Till thy e - ter - nal an!

The sonnd of harp I heard: It was not she who sang. I who know thee so well I Wolfram thou art The wise and skilful minstrel 1 Wolf. What means thy coming thns dejected? Speak I Tell me not that thon, unabsolv'd, Hast dared to set thy foot within these precinta? A path I seek, or one to guide my footsteps To find a path erewhile I trod with ease. What path is that?

It leads to Venus' hill. Thou godless man 1 Thy words defile my ear. That is thy mission? Dost thon know the path? Dread unknown thy words inspire. Hast thou not been in Rome? Speak not of Rome I Wolf. Hast thon not sued for pardon? Speak not of that I Wolf. Thou wert not there? Oh, I conjure thee, speak? Yes, I have been in Rome. What say'st thou, Wolfram? Say, art thon not my foe? No, never more, while tfeon art true to honor ; But tell thy pilgrimage to Rome!

Thou, Wolfram, shalt know what befel me. The refuge where I rest me Is accursed? Now mark, Wolfram mark well I Contrite in spirit, as no pilgrim yet on earth hath been, I bent my steps to Rome. An angel hath dispelled the pride of sin, Its mad profaneness from my bosom ; For her sake I went forth a pilgrim, To reconcile offended Heaven ; She who with tears for me had pleaded Should know my sins had been forgiven.

When I beheld a heavy burden'd pilgrim It seemed to me his load was all too light ; And if he sought a pathway o'er the meadow, I trod unshod amid the rock and thorns ; If he refreshed his lips by cooling fountain, The brazen sun poured on my head forlorn ; When he besought the saints in murmured prayers, I shed my life-blood in the cause divine ; When in the hospice he sought rest and shelter, On ice and snow it was that I sought mine ; Lest Italy's fair scenes my heart had gladdened, I passed them blindfold, so my soul was saddened ; I went, my wasted heart remorse was burning, That for my sake an angel waited mourning.

Thns Rome I gained at last ; with tears imploring, I knelt before the rood in faith adoring. When daylight broke, the silv'ry bells were pealing ; Through vaulted roof a song divine was stealing ; A err of joy breaks forth from thousand voices The hope of pardon ev'ry heart rejoices. Ich horte Harf enschlag, wie klang er tranrig I Der kani wohl nicht von ihr. Wer bist du, Pilger, Der du so einsam wanderst 1 Tann. Eenn' ich doch dich recht gut ; Wolfram btit io Der wohlgeiibte Sanger. Sei ausser Sorg', meiJNgnter Sanger!

Nicht such' ich dich, noch enrer Sippschaft Einea. Doch such' ich wen, der mir den Weg wohl leige, Den Weg, den einst so wunderlicht ich fand. Entsetzlicher 1 Entweihe nicht mein Ohrl Treibt es dich dahin? Kennst dn wohl den Weg?

Braun Family Archive

Wahnsinn'ger I Grauen fasst mich, hor ich dich? Schweig mir von Rom 1 Wolf. War'st nich beim heil'gen Feste? Schweig mir von ihm! So warst dn nicht? Wohl war anch ich in Rom. Wie sag'st dn, Wolfram? Bist dn nicht mii Feind? Dn, Wolfram, dn sollst es erfahren Bleib' fert. Ein Engel hatte, ach! Fur ihn wollt' ich in Demuth bussen, Das Heil erfleh'n, das mir vernein't Um ihm die Thrane zu versiissen, Die er mir Sunder einst geweint! Bibliographical notes relating to Thomas Braun's family history research.

Includes publishers' catalogues, and Bodleian Library order slips from a folder 'Books by or about family'. Miscellaneous literature, mostly photocopies, on Jewish history and culture in Germany and Central Europe, Jewish-German language, and biographies, with annotations and general notes by Thomas Braun.

Includes photocopy of the manuscript and correspondence with Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Strauss and Kurt R. Lothar Stiehm Verlag, , pp. Entstehung und Geschichte Stuttgart: Geschichte und Kultur der Juden in Glogau Hildesheim: September ; special issue stamp 'Leo Baeck'. Kauffmann, 2 Bound photocopies of Kaufmann, David, ed. Vorwort und Register Frankfurt am Main: Kauffmann, 3 Feilchenfeld, Alfred, ed. Ihr Leben und ihre Erinnerungen Berlin: Lebenserinnerungen Berlin, 9 Bound photocopies of Loewe, Heinrich, ed.

Erster Band Stuttgart and Berlin: Zweiter Band Stuttgart and Berlin: Schluss- Band Berlin: Family Letters Jerusalem, Includes letter by the author. Text and Indexes Copenhagen: Limes Verlag, - amended version of 1. Semper, 4 Lehfeldt, Walburg, Neues Leben: Huck, 3 Leuner, H. Jewish Refugee in Birmingham Warley: Ein Beitrag zur Berliner Bildnismalerei des Arani Verlags-GmbH, 11 Two brochures: Ein Geleitwort zur Feier ihrer Wiederherstellung 3. August , ; and Norden, Eduard, Heldenehrungen: Was with printed books, connection to Braun family unknown.

Family trees, drafts and biographical notes relating to paternal ancestors, mostly the Lehmann-Lehfeldt family. Includes photos of tombstones, translations of epitaphs in Hebrew, literature on Jewish cemeteries in Prague. See also plaster casts from grave stones in MS. Includes photos of tombstones, translations of epitaphs in Hebrew and correspondence regarding the grave of Gertrud Friedmann-Braun at the Berlin Stahnsdorf cemetery. Includes translations of epitaphs in Hebrew, and literature on Jewish families and cemeteries in Vienna. Includes photocopy of an account of Konrad Braun's biography by Thomas Braun, Samuel Friedmann's will, , with a scheme of distribution of the estate.

Materials relating to Ilse Rosenthal-Schneider. Notes, family tree drafts and research material relating to the Veit family history.

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  3. Letteratura artistica: Christina Dongowski. [Life and miracles of Johann Winckelmann].
  4. Catalogue of the Braun Family Archive.
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  7. Briefe der Familie von Joseph Veit , c. Includes an original letter from Philipp Veit to his nieces, n. With some notes in Konrad Braun's hand. Handwritten document relating to the distribution of the estate of Philipp Julius Veit and David Veit, listing outstanding debts and obligations, Thomas Braun's correspondence relating to Veit family history, c.

    Bulletin des Leo Baeck Instituts , 19, Includes transcript of a letter by Moritz Veit, Includes article by Theodor Zondek, 'Dr. Bulletin des Leo Baeck Instituts , 52, Eine Gestalt aus der Emanzipationszeit'. Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain , 36, Biographical notes, documents and memorabilia relating to Joseph Lehmann Januar ' poem by M. Also includes a photograph and a transcript of a certificate of honorary citizenship for Joseph Lehmann, Gross-Glogau ; photocopy and transcript of a letter by Joseph Lehmann to Theodor August Veit Simon, ; certificate from Jacob Lackenbacher to his brother Bernhard Lackenbacher's wife Therese Lehmann relating to the Jewish ritual of Chaliza, Vienna, Folder 2: Photocopies and transcripts by Thomas Braun of a selection of letters from and to Lehmann family members, mostly Joseph Lehmann and Felix Lehmann , Materials and correspondence relating to Lehmann family members: Lehfeldt family letters, n.

    Also includes unidentified photocopies of Lehfeldt letters found with Thomas Braun's family history research material. Includes sketches and letters from Paul Meyerheim to Clara Lehfeldt, c. Lehfeldt family letters, c. Also includes Bernhard Lehfeldt's obituary, Passport of Heinrich Jacoby, Luise Lehfeldt's father, Berlin, ; pages from the diary of Luise Jacoby, later Lehfeldt, , with transcript, English translation by Hildburg Braun with annotations by Thomas Braun; pages from Luise Jacoby's autograph book with verses by her friends, c.

    Personal documents and memorabilia relating to Joseph Lehfeldt and Luise Lehfeldt. Includes announcement of foundation stone ceremony for the Lehfeldt residence, ; Joseph Lehfeldt's death announcement, ; and an original file with documents relating to the administration of Joseph Lehfeldt's estate, Also includes invitations, tickets and programmes for concerts, s, and pages from an autograph book, , probably relating to Joseph Lehfeldt.

    Publications by, or relating to, Leonhard Lehfeldt. Includes publications by Leonhard Lehfeldt relating to Alsace-Lorraine: Brief an den Geheimen Ober-Hofrath Dr. Materials relating to 'Zwanglose Gesellschaft', Berlin, a literary society Paul Lehfeldt was a member of, Correspondence and memorabilia relating to various Lehfeldt family members, and n. Found with the Lehfeldt papers but relation to family unclear. Writings by Bernhard Lehfeldt.

    Photocopies of an English visitor's account of the Lehfeldt's estate in Powodowo Lehfelde , Photos found with the general Lehfeldt material, s Photos used for the new edition of the Lehmann-Lehfeldt Familienchronik, s Notes, photocopies and correspondence by Thomas Braun relating to Paul Meyerheim and his paintings, c Juli ' found with the Meyerheim material but probably unrelated. Photographs from the Meyerheims' travels, Bound photocopies of book by Paul Meyerheim 'Adolf von Menzel.

    Erinnerungen von Paul Meyerheim', Berlin, Book with dedication to Thomas Braun by his brother Christopher Braun, , and ex libris. Mastercopy pages with photographs. New edition of Lehmann-Lehfeldt chronicles by Thomas Braun, Version in one volume. New edition of Lehmann-Lehfeldt family chronicles by Thomas Braun, Version in two volumes with photographs. Family tree notes and drafts. Also includes photocopies of maps of Glogau and Berlin used for the new edition of the family chronicles. Fraenkel und Rahel Fraenkel geb.

    Bamberger', 'Hanne Angel negatives'. Reproductions of old family photographs. Family trees and biographical notes about the English Lehfeldts, mostly in Thomas Braun's hand. A collection of personal documents and memorabilia relating to the English Lehfeldts, the Harrison family and the Browne family, c. Also includes some notes on family history, probably in Thomas Albert Lehfeldt's hand. Personal documents and memorabilia relating to Thomas Albert Lehfeldt, including his passport, ; his last will, ; notes on his career and on family history; notebook 'Inventory of Netteswell House, June ; a report on the effects of German air raids on the Bethnal Green Museum, ; newspaper cuttings; a printed booklet 'The Stodmarsh Plaster Panels', ; and some drawings by Thomas Albert Lehfeldt.

    Photocopies of photographs relating to the English Lehfeldts, with notes in Thomas Braun's hand. Book 'Money' by R. With a dedication 'T. Lehfeldt from the Author, 1 March Miscellaneous memorabilia relating to Maria Jane Lehfeldt's career as a pianist and music teacher, including a visiting card stating terms of private music lessons, n. Also includes an 'English Lehfeldts' family tree. Later notes and additions in various hands.

    Includes some drawings and original documents silhouette of Amtshauptmann Weber, Heinrich Weber's lieutenant's licenses, and , Ludendorff family tree, Lobeck family tree, Mathilde Pries's death announcement, , L. Weber's death announcement, Large Weber family tree, blueprint with annotations, c. Saniter family, including 'Stammtafel der Familie Saniter', , compiled by Postrat a. Nizze, 'Stammtafel der Familie Sanniter auch Saniter ', n. Photocopies from 18th and 19th century church registers in Berlin relating to baptisms, marriages and deaths of various ancestors and relatives.

    Biographies of ancestors and relatives collected by Henrich Weber: Includes photocopy of one page of the account book showing original size and handwriting. Joachim Christoph Bernhard Weber's correspondence, letters received , Joachim Christoph Bernhard Weber's correspondence and memorabilia. Correspondence and other memorabilia of various Weber ancestors including: Weber, , copy of Hamburger Tageblatt , Juli , documents relating to the engagement and marriage of Joachim Bernhard Weber to Anna Sophie Busse, , letter praising Anna [?

    Weber to Onkel Wilhelm, and Labels and lists in Heinrich Weber's hand. Die Vorfahren der Henriette Busse geb. Biographical notes on various ancestors and relatives. Miscellaneous notes and drafts. Miscellaneous collected material including death announcements, the Weber coat of arms, bibliographical notes and photocopies from publications about regional history and genealogy, photocopies of Reuter genealogical table.

    Drafts and notes for 'Das Weberschiffchen' , 6, 7. Drafts and notes for Weber family trees; photocopies of pages from 'Revaler Ahnentafeln' by F. Wassermann, , relevant to Weber ancestors. Publications photocopies and originals including: Photocopies of English editions of Fritz Reuter writings: Newspaper cuttings relating to Fritz Reuter including 'Fritz Reuter als politischer Gefangener von ' in Rostocker Illustrierte , photocopies n.

    Also includes photocopies and transcripts of letters by, and relating to, Fritz Reuter and Amtshauptmann Weber; photographs of Schloss Stavenhagen, c. Newsletters and publications by Fritz-Reuter-Gesellschaft, including invitations and programmes for conferences, and various issues of the members' journal 'Mitteilungen der Fritz-Reuter-Gesellschaft e. Notes, correspondence and collected materials relating to the Fink family, including: Notes, correspondence and collected materials relating to the Zeller family, including: Autograph book 'Denkmal der Freundschaft, W.

    Handwritten prayer book belonging to Christian David Busse, Busse Christian David Collected material relating to the Saniter family history, including: Also includes a photocopy of a letter from Gisela Weber to Thomas Braun, , with a photo and a drawing of 'Villa Viola', the 19th century Saniter family estate in Rostock. Saniter family trees, notes and drafts. Includes letter to Thomas on travels in Germany, Jul-Aug Includes some letters by Christopher Braun.

    Letters from Christopher Braun and family. Christopher Braun's childhood letters, ; letters from Bootham School, York, ; from St. John's College, Cambridge, ; from London, onwards. Includes email correspondence about the story of a Steinway piano in the possession of the Braun Family, Letters of condolence on the death of Konrad Braun, addressed to Thomas Braun, A collection of autobiographical letters by Thomas Braun and correspondence relating to the Braun family history and background, including family anecdotes and genealogical information, Also includes correspondence relating to Thomas Braun's attendance at the official 50th anniversary commemoration of the 20th July Stauffenberg plot, in which Albrecht Krause, a maternal cousin of Thomas Braun, was involved, Recollections - an unfinished manuscript.

    Correspondence with members of the Lehfeldt family. Correspondence with Hans Lehfeldt in New York, Includes material relating to Hans Lehfeldt's family history research in the US, and articles and newspaper cuttings relating to his work as a sexologist. Correspondence with the English branch of the Lehfeldt family 'English Lehfeldts'. Correspondence with and about Gerhard Rose, a friend of Konrad Braun, Includes material about Rose's role as a physician and professor of tropical medicine at the Robert-Koch-Institut, Berlin, during the Nazi regime, his conviction at the Nuremberg trials, , of abusing concentration camp prisoners for human experimentation, and the acquittal, Also includes a copy of the book 'Der Fall Rose.

    Correspondence with research institutions, such as museums and archives, and historians and genealogists relating to family history. Lucas, ; Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft e. Letters from Anne Charvet, and ; correspondence with Pamela Clarkson, Correspondence with and about Peggy-Lou Martin, , including many postcards, n. Correspondence with Comte de Lalanne-Mirrlees, ; letters by Rosa Edwards, and , also including a copy of her memoirs 'Sunshine and Shadow.

    With Jordans Village Ltd, Forestry Commission and others relating to preservation and replanting of trees in the grounds of Jordans Meeting House, Beaconsfield, Includes photocopies of older correspondence, reports and maps for reference, and notes and drafts on tree population around the Quaker Meeting House in Jordans. With the Warden, the librarian and other members of staff of Woodbrooke College, Selly Oak, about books, manuscripts and artefacts in the possession of the college 'Woodbrooke Treasures' ; Thomas Braun's advice relating to authenticity of the objects, preservation, possible display etc.

    Also includes notes, translations and photocopies relating to the 'Woodbrooke Treasures'.

    Veronica Ferres

    Correspondence and associated papers relating to Thomas Braun's involvement with city planning and preservation, and the Oxford Civic Society, Correspondence and associated papers relating to Merton College's Grove House, especially the re-development of Grove House garden, and Postmasters' Yard, Includes architectural and historical notes on Grove House, floor plans, architectural drawings of proposed buildings etc. Correspondence and notes relating to parties, , mostly guest lists, letters of acceptance and apologies.

    Correspondence with and material relating to Stephen Medcalf. Miscellaneous correspondence, topics including the Braun family's relations with Quakers, travel, references, visits and publications, sorted chronologically, and n. Miscellaneous correspondence, sorted chronologically, British National Identity Card, ; British passports, , , , , , , ; German passport, ; provisional driving licences, and ; National Trust membership card, Bound notebook originally titled 'Thomas Tagebuch' with entries by Hildburg Braun about Thomas Braun as a baby and toddler, Nov Feb ; envelope 'Thomas' erster Zahn' containing two milk teeth.

    Drawings, collages and other childhood art, c. Also contains a hand-drawn map of Jordans, Beaconsfield, dated Childhood cards and letters, c. Childhood writings including notes, verse, short stories, poems, plays, c. Correspondence and notes relating to the Rosicrucian Order, including a mock application and a 6-page refutation of Rosicrucian claims, ; miscellaneous notes and papers, including records of a chess tournament, , a contract between friends about sharing the prize of a Ryvita competition, ; drawings.

    Papers relating to early school career, including: Papers relating to Thomas's time at Bootham School, York, including: Also includes Bootham School Annual Reports , , , ; school timetables. Papers relating to National Service, including: Lists and maps of travel destinations, c. Reports, diaries and notes relating to travels to Germany , Greece and , Italy , Turkey , Yugoslavia , Jordan and Egypt ; postcards and letters from travels, ticket stubs and membership cards.

    Diaries, notes, correspondence and memorabilia relating to travels in India, Notes, diaries, itineraries, correspondence and memorabilia relating to travels to China and the Silk Road ; Tyrol ; Turkey ; Channel Islands ; Tibet 'Roof of the World' tour ; Italy Correspondence and reports relating to Thomas Braun's treatment at Warneford Hospital, Oxford, Oct Jan ; correspondence, notes and reports relating to his treatment at Littlemore Hospital, Oxford, Jan-Feb ; correspondence relating to various medical conditions and treatments, ; certificates of vaccination, ; Organ Donor Card, Miscellaneous papers relating to finance and insurance in the s and s, including student insurance policies, bank savings books, cash account notebooks, and Lists and notes, n.

    Avestan ; lists and notes on European and world history lists of Roman emperors, Biblical dynasties, European kings and emperors, presidents of the United States, British Prime Ministers, Popes etc. Braun Rough Notes ': Pocket diaries , , , , including entries from voluntary work in Greece , including entries from travels in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia ; University of Oxford academic pocket diary, Also contains a notebook 'Diary, Thomas Braun, Jan-Aug ' including entries from travel to France, and loose pages of a diary with entries relating to service at Friends Ambulance Unit, probably Dec Feb Pocket diaries , , , ; University of Leicester pocket diary ; desk diaries , , Pocket diary with some autobiographical entries, Jan-Mar.

    March 2, ', 'Germany: Addresses Thursday, 07 June '; 'Emails '; 'Christmas ' and 'Card sent, December ' listing correspondents. Also includes some theatre tickets. Concert and opera programmes, c. Also includes some related ticket stubs and press reviews. Miscellaneous event programmes, tickets, exhibition guides etc. Papers relating to undergraduate studies at Balliol College, Oxford, Includes correspondence relating to scholarships, early release from National Service and admission to Balliol College; notes, correspondence and newspaper cuttings relating to university examinations Moderations , Greats ; university certificates, such as certificate of matriculation, , and degree certificate Bachelor of Arts, ; Balliol College memorabilia, such as exercise book 'Freshmen's Essays Michaelmas Thomas F.

    Also includes handwritten list by Konrad Braun 'Awards acquired by Thomas' listing Thomas Braun's scholarships, prizes and awards, Includes correspondence about postgraduate scholarships and applications for junior research fellowships, references, applications for lectureships; degree certificate 'Master of Arts', ; correspondence relating to employment as Assistant Lecturer at University of Leicester, ; notes and correspondence relating to application and election as tutor and fellow of Merton College, Related Material Essays, lecture notes and other material relating to Thomas Braun's undergraduate studies at Balliol College, Oxford, including papers relating to the Arnold and Brackenbury Society and to the Balliol Players, were deposited at Balliol College Archive.

    Correspondence with John Roberts, Warden of Merton College, relating to leave and absence from college, ; correspondence relating to sabbatical leave, ; correspondence and forms relating to professional appraisal, ; list of Thomas Braun's publications, ; correspondence and drafts relating to proposed research and publications, and , also including lecture notes 'Slavery and Slavery Revolts', n.

    Correspondence, mostly with Robert Gildea, Senior Tutor, and Jessica Rawson, Warden of Merton College, relating to Thomas Braun's tutorial work and teaching activities, ; sabbatical leave; re-appointment to Tutorial Fellowship ; appointment to Senior Research Fellowship, ; 'Selbstverteidigung' - compilation of letters from former students relating to quality of tutorial work submitted by Thomas Braun to the Sub-warden of Merton College, ; professional appraisal, ; list of publications and proposed research, Also includes lecture questionnaires with students' comments on Thomas Braun's performance as a lecturer, c.

    Examiner and Chairman of Examiners, and ; correspondence and miscellaneous papers relating to academic matters and university life, ; notes and doodles made during tutorials, n. A detailed list of the writings, compiled by Christopher Braun, is included in Folder 1. Various versions of the paper, with corrections and associated correspondence, Originally intended to be published in English Literature in Transition , Garrod , Fellow of Merton College ', obituary, n.

    Occasional writings by Thomas Braun '. Letters to the press, , published and unpublished, with associated drafts and correspondence. Includes detailed list 'Thomas Braun's letters to the press' compiled by Christopher Braun. Includes drafts, correspondence and other associated material. Undated 'occasional writings', U00 and U00A. Undated 'occasional writings', U1-U Undated 'occasional writings', UU Single oversized item, birthday poem for Henry Braun mounted on cardboard, Drawings, pen and paper games, doodles and other illustrated items, c.

    Includes pieces relating to the Arnold and Brackenbury Society, Oxford. Miscellaneous notes and drafts, mostly relating to speeches and other activities at the Arnold and Brackenbury Society, c. Editorial papers, including notes, lists and proofs. Correspondence between editors, publishers, layout designers, translators and other contributors, Copies of pieces printed in 'Tomfoolery'.

    Papers loosely relevant to 'Tomfoolery' such as letters, typescripts, verse and other pieces by and about friends and colleagues of Thomas Braun, c. Discussions with Einstein, von Laue and Planck', Also includes some notes, early drafts and galley proofs with corrections. Also includes notes and corrections, and correspondence about publishing German, Italian and Japanese versions of the book.

    Correspondence relating to Albrecht von Bernstorff and other German Rhodes Scholars, to finding the original version of the 'Glossarium', to commissioning the translation into English and to finding funds for publishing, Some letters with transcripts. Also includes a small collection of facsimiles letters and autographs Goethe, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Brahms etc.

    Wood to Anneliese Braun.

    Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

    Cuckney, Tay Burton, Kate Ashbrook. Early list of autographs, s. Lehmann , 23 letter of introduction for Joseph Lehmann in England by Hackens? Hoyland, Gwen Catchpool, Mildred E. Letters from academics, collection compiled from Thomas Braun's correspondence by Christopher Braun in the course of sorting Thomas Braun's papers after his death in Letters from academics continued. Letters and other autographed material collected by Thomas Albert Lehfeldt in an envelope labelled 'Autographs'.

    Also includes a small collection of autograph cards: Also includes a printed poem by Hermann Sudermann, 'Im Volksgarten', and a handwritten card, 'Neujahrswunsch'. A collection of poems, n. Typescript of a play 'The Forgetters' by Ron Hartley, n. Handwritten sheet music by Heinrich Urban: Tenorstimme - Seinem lieben Freund Leonard Lehfeldt gewidmet', n.

    Includes recordings of Konrad Braun; conversations of Thomas Braun with family members, colleagues and friends about their life and family history; radio programmes featuring Thomas Braun; and other recordings of, or related to, family and friends: Conversations with Konrad Braun Probably copy of some of the conversations on AV1.

    Selection of German poems read by Konrad Braun; account about Christmas; conversations Copy of AV 5. AV 8 Konrad Braun: Hildburg Braun's 50th birthday Enoch Soames' Reappearance 3 June Enoch Soames with Thos etc. Copy of AV Enoch Soames' reappearance on 3 June Enoch Soames' reappearance 3 June Enoch Soames, read by Jim Hacobian.

    Thomas Braun - Broadcasts Conversation with Liebi Unterhaltung mit Liebi 14 Mai Anneliese Braun - Witze und Anekdoten Jokes and anecdotes told by Anneliese Braun: Conversation of AV 21 continued. Reminiscences by Marianne Heinrich and Leonore Diment, c. Reminiscences by Marianne Heinrich and Leonore Diment continued. Bach, Mass in B minor. Account of her journey to London, Gisela Faust liest Konrad Braun RIAS radio programmes Morgenandacht Hans-Otto Dibelius Erinnerungen I.

    Hans-Otto Dibelius' reminiscences, in conversation with Thomas Braun 3. Alec Cooke 12 July Thomas Braun in conversation with Alec Cooke, 12 July Thomas Braun in conversation about Peter Harrison. Conversation with Ron Hill 6 Nov Thomas Braun in conversation with Ron Hill. Horace Alexander Memorial Meeting Recording of the Quaker memorial meeting for Horace Alexander, 2 Nov Reminiscences of Horace Alexander. Recording of reminiscences of Horace Alexander following the memorial meeting, 2 Nov Sixty Years a Village.

    Monika Faust — Radiosendungen , Radio programmes by Monika Faust: Thomas Braun 'Sequel '.

    American comedy-drama films

    Per Anhalter durch die Antike. Radio play by Monika Faust-Steinau, n. Some items are restricted. Transcripts of audio recordings - Konrad Braun 'Weihnachten zu Hause', c. Merton College Dons vs. BBC TV programme Thomas's speech at Jessica May's wedding, Video of celebrations of John Saniter's 60th birthday in in London featuring a speech by Thomas Braun. Sluzewski Film , Curt Sluzewski's film of Konrad and Hildburg Braun's wedding Zanders, Loenings, Anneliese, Thomas, Christopher'.

    Biography by Christian Lehfeldt of his father-in-law. Ruth Braun memorial gathering 24 April Some items are closed. A collection of verse and writings, many for family occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, Originals extracted from family papers and correspondence or photocopies, some with transcripts, translations or biographical comments. Also includes shorter humorous notes and photocopies of sheet music by Gerhard Braun setting family verse to music. Also includes short humorous notes and family pen and paper games. Originals extracted from family papers and correspondence or photocopies, some with transcripts.

    Sonntag im Advent , Is devolution really the answer? Auswahl Deutscher Gedichte vorgelesen von Konrad Braun. Braun , AV 3 and 4. Family paper games, c. Thomas Braun's verses for family and friends, and n. Folder 1 correspondence is closed. Folder 3 letters from Anneliese Braun to Hedwig Finster is closed. Konrad and Hildburg Braun, Christopher Braun and family, c. Gisela 'Liebi' Weber, ; Hedwig Weber, Stephanie 'Teffa' van de Weyer, nee Rosenthal-Schneider, and family, Lehfeldts in Germany, mainly Elisabeth 'Lisbeth' Lehfeldt, and n. Birnbaum family members, Alva, ; Melanie Bohne [or Rohne?

    Miscellaneous pre- war correspondence in German, c. Ludwig and Emmi Simon, and n. Miscellaneous correspondence in German, and n. Marcel Wolfers, and n. Alice, Pauline and Veronika 'Ronnie' Fox, Veronika 'Ronnie' Fox, undated letters [c. Dennis Davenport, and n. Noel Russell, and n. Edith Adams, and n. Cadbury, ; Mary Chandler, later Nuttall, and n. Enid Brownson, ; 'Capten', ; 'Charis', , s and n.

    McLeod, ; 'Rue', c. Librarians Ruth Braun's colleagues , c. Die Vielgestalt der Berufung -- 7. Die Gleichnisse Jesu -- 8. Jesus und die Welt der Zeichen -- 9. Die Wunder Jesu -- Die Warnung vor dem Gericht -- Jesus und das Alte Testament -- Jesus und die Tora -- Die Unbedingtheit im Leben Jesu -- Die Faszination der Gottesherrschaft --

    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition) Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)
    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition) Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)
    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition) Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)
    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition) Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)
    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition) Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)
    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition) Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)
    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition) Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)
    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition) Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)
    Elisa - Mann der Wunder (German Edition)

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