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Wannabe Backpackers - The Latin-American and Kenyan Journey of Five Spoiled Teenagers

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention wannabe backpackers south america around the world gerald yeung hilarious adventure humor trip funny travel young boys traveling absolute adventures backpacking become childhood delighted enjoyable. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Love the way the author writes, such a fresh and hilarious style. I think when it comes to traveling, everyone should hold the same attitude like Gerald Yeung and enjoy whatever happens, the crazier the better!

I enjoyed the journey that Yeung shares with the reader, but found myself unsatisfied with the ending. While he avoids smacking the reader over the head with the theme of growing and changing as a result of the journey, Yeung does not actually make it clear if or how the boys become "backpackers. Other major mishaps are hinted at an illegal visa, a missed plane but they are not explained. As the narrator, Yeung boldly reveals many of his personal observations, insecurities, and is fully, almost guiltily, aware of the privileged background that allows him to take this trip, but forces him to enjoy it from a limited point of view.

There is a good deal of humor in the book, as Yeung alternates between school-boy foolishness and grown up reflection in a poignant voice that reminds the reader what it's like to be unsure if you're a kid or an adult. I think that boys, especially, would like this story, although some of the cultural references may be lost on American teens. I would recommend it to my eleventh and twelfth grade students.

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One person found this helpful. Reading this book feels like having a friend over for a glass of wine as he talks about his journey around the world. Gerald's relentless and always amusing sarcasm entertains the reader even with the most trivial observations throughout his journey. This book is jam-packed with humor in the most unexpected places. I would have rated this book 5-stars had it not leave me wanting more at the end. Personally, I was hoping for more dialogues and character development that would truly pull me into Gerald's world. This is absolutely a delightful piece to read even for a non-reader like me.

You've got to love the straight-forward and take-no-prisoners kind of writing style that Gerald possesses.

How to Travel on a Budget: 4 Tips for Wannabe Backpackers

The readers closely follow Gerald's effortless guidance while taking in an explosive look into the fun-filled globetrotting world that five curious young men decide to undertake in thirty days. From roaming the City of Kings to Iguazu, visiting dungeons and seeing plants that double as deodorants, witnessing wild beast slaughters and meeting with African monks, the boys learn about what it means to be foreign, uninhibited and without a care in the world. The get together of five childhood playmates calls for drama as they explore strange territory, juggle their differences in personality while hitting up girls and having a good time.

Gerald's nonchalant, peculiar observations take us on a ride that we will never forget. Reading his book, readers are whisked away into a land of much laughter, merriment and depth as he explores what it means to truly live and to navigate the world with your closest confidants.

If you're looking for a fun escape from the world, this book is a definite must buy!!! Wannabe Backpackers follows the one month long around-the-world journey of five childhood friends through the eyes of the author, Gerald Yeung.

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The book is filled with sarcastic humor, an honest voice, and has a terse writing style, making it an easy light-hearted read. However if you are sensitive, be warned that some of the humor may be too crude for your taste, though I enjoyed it! While you learn a good deal of the author's fun and quirky personality, I would have appreciated getting to know the other characters more and reading more dialogue and interaction between them. I liked the quotes at the start of each chapter, with some even making me stop and think.

Best part of the book was definitely Kenya, loved the experiences with the locals and animals. The friends' adventures make me wish I was brave enough to venture through such circumstances, but even if I don't go backpacking myself, I will refer to Wannabe Backpackers for places to see and visit when planning my next trip to South America and Africa!

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Yeung writes about traveling with his childhood friends in such a manner that the reader really gets involved in the trip. The background information provided is enough to understand the strong bond of the friends, and the jokes, sometimes repetitive, are still pretty funny up to the end chapter. Gerald keeps a good pace in his writing, with rich descriptions of the places visited, aligned with his own views of the world, sometimes disturbing, such as his love for Che Guevara. Still, talking about his views makes the reader feel like he is taking part in the journey.

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In a nutshell, the book is a very well written travel and friendship memoir, that makes anyone willing to jump off the chair and hit the "road". A very heart-warming experience. A fun and enjoyable read with laughs on every page! Follow in the footsteps of five Hong Kong boys who attempt to "rough it" through the jungles of South America and deserts of Africa.

Over the course of a summer, Gerald and his four lifelong friends travel around the world running into all kinds of trouble and adventure See all 23 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on June 5, Published on April 30, Published on February 24, Published on February 21,

Wannabe Backpackers Wannabe Backpackers
Wannabe Backpackers Wannabe Backpackers
Wannabe Backpackers Wannabe Backpackers
Wannabe Backpackers Wannabe Backpackers
Wannabe Backpackers Wannabe Backpackers
Wannabe Backpackers Wannabe Backpackers

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