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In a side story, Salli finds out that the Red Vixen had one made out of leather for Ali, to make her look impressive when they were out in public. It was abandoned after they figured out it was more important Ali have full freedom of movement than to look cool. Chained to a Bed: Implied in the epilogue to "Captive". Also implied with Marty's antics during his military service: In Captive Salli is mentioned reading in the dark thanks to her cybernetic eye's low light vision. In the next story it comes in very handy while she's searching for Ali in the dark and rain.

Halfway through Doubt a human resort company wants to lease a large plot of land on Greenholme, which Salli is reluctant to agree to. It ends up paying for Ali's regeneration. Alinadar was a child "pirate" after Margo killed her family and enslaved her when she was six. At her trial the judges cite historical precedent of child soldiers and acquits her of all crimes she committed as a minor under duress. And give her a fairly light sentence lifetime of hard labor, under her present employer and lover for the twenty-eight counts of interstellar piracy committed as an adult.

What happens to Alinadar offscreen thankfully after she's captured. Everyone carries "Palm Comps" which operate almost exactly like a modern smartphone, except they can also project holograms. Galactic Basic, a throwaway line in "Shadow of the Red Vixen" makes it clear that it's not English but that English is still spoken by humans. And foxen retain at least one language of their own. Her lack of height is mentioned frequently, but she is capable of hospitalizing most any other character bare-handed.

Dark and Troubled Past: Ali and Salli both.

Rolas and Marty both dish out plenty of snark to the Red Vixen while they're her captives. Defusing the Tyke Bomb: The Red Vixen attempted this with Alinadar after capturing her. The results were mixed. Ali is better socialized, but until she formed a relationship with Sallivera, she still mostly saw herself as a slave to be commanded. In the main novels democracy is seen by foxen as a bizarre human thing, and that their feudal caste system is better because their leaders are trained for the job from birth, if nothing else.

While in the distant prequel "Prisoners of War" the nation of Gerwart is a parliamentary republic and portrayed as the foxen version of Nazi Germany. Denied Food as Punishment: After a failed escape attempt, Rolas is brought back to his cell and informed that his Auto Kitchen will now only provide "Prison Loaf" Red Vixen: As it turned out, the Red Vixen had been wrong about the prison loaf.

Comparing it to wet cardboard was really a deep insult to the disposable packaging industry. Alinadar and Sallivera trade it back and forth in the "Shadow" novels. Rolas and Greycoat at certain points. Lady Sallivera's ex-husband, Lord Kev Highglider, who beat her for two years, eventually gouging her eye out. Thanks to his mother's influence Kev was only declared violently insane and committed to an asylum, while Salli was so traumatized that she hid herself away for years before her family found an off-world psychologist foxen psych is very undeveloped to help her.

No wings or breathing fire, but they're large, with scales, fangs and claws. The author himself made one. Rolas suffers from this after a blow to the back of the head during a boating accident, erasing his knowledge of his marriage to Melanie and Salli's marriage to her abusive husband.

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Its treated slightly realistically in that he regains his memories after a couple of days. In "Captive of the Red Vixen" Rolas has a dream of being Bound and Gagged by the Red Vixen and his current girlfriend, Lady Melanie, who are holding leashes tied to his manhood and tugging it towards them. Also about as explicit as it gets in the series. Happens to Salli twice. Once in her back story as the climax of her husband's abuse, the next in Shadow of Her Sins when Margo pulls out its cybernetic replacement just for the hell of it.

Salli brushes off the loss of her prosthetic eye in Shadow of Her Sins with "the second time the novelty wears off. Foxen are divided into Nobles, Commoners, and Military. Though it seems that everyone is required to serve some time in the military regardless of caste. Combat drugs, amphetamines that reduce pain and make one feel invulnerable and are commonly used by soldiers, usually highly addictive with serious long-term side effects. One particularly illegal one is called Redline. Ali angsts a little mostly because she's attracted to Salli and the latter is mostly straight, but she's comfortable with her orientation.

Rolas' cell on the Scarlet Claw resembles a luxury cruise ship cabin, with entertainment center, Auto Kitchen , weights and treadmill. Male version with Rolas. The protagonists' home nation uses alcohol fueled steam engines for power, and are disturbed to find their Gerwart captors use coal.


And excerpts from an upcoming interquel about First Contact with humanity indicates that global warming caused some diplomatic issues when the foxen found out. When teaching her to fight Alinadar tells Lady Sallivera that a knee to the groin is one of the more effective moves to use on males. Then Salli tries it on Ali and it turns out to be pretty effective on females too.

Captive of the Red Vixen: The Red Vixen Adventures, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Alinadar did not like her service to Bloody Margo but she was practically attached to The Red Vixen, who was much kinder. And leads Melanie to believe that she needs a "mistress", so she sets her up with Sallivera when she plans to retire from piracy.

Ali in her backstory. Not that she had to turn very far. Why Lu arrested his sister Ali after searching for her for twenty years. Rolas makes one to his parents when first kidnapped by the Red Vixen. The foxen opinion of humans, and humans do have a higher reported rate of mental illness than foxen. However this means that the foxen are ill-equipped to handle those of their kind who do go crazy.

Hyperspace Is a Scary Place: In "Shadow of the Red Vixen" Salli has to go through a superluminal transit clinging to the hull of a ship in a spacesuit. At first the jumble of semi-theoretical mathematics is terrifying, but after a few hours it gets boring. In "Shadow of her Sins" Bloody Margo makes Alinadar gouge out Lady Sallivera's natural eye to prove that she's sincere about wanting to come back to her crew.

Instead Ali stalls long enough for her brother to line up a shot at Margo. House Darktail thanks to Countess Highglider sabotaging their infrastructure out of petty revenge. Part of the reason Rolas was captaining their freighter himself, and why his family couldn't pay the ransom. Mild example in Shadow of her Sins. Lu manages to shoot Bloody Margo with a stun rifle, hanging upside down from a hole cut in the roof of an auditorium. This is Ali's whole problem while working for the Red Vixen and later Salli. Indentured servants are mentioned multiple times, and Alinadar is sentenced to hard labor for her crimes, albeit doing the same job she was doing at the time of her arrest.

Worship among foxen revolves around the Mother Goddess, which takes aspects of both Paganism centered around a female deity with a dosing of Green Aesop and Abrahamic monotheism. Rolas initially gets the orange jumpsuit during his imprisonment, before his captor decides to start playing dress-up. A Viscountess and a former pirate of unknown turns out to be Military caste. Jerkass Has a Point: Marty points out to Alinadar that trying to help the pirates who captured him doesn't make much sense.

The fact that the Red Vixen is responsible for the death of one the crew of the Sallivera is pretty much dropped after she's seen expressing remorse over it as Melanie. To a lesser extent the Highgliders, Kev is simply committed for disfiguring Salli's face while his mother loses her lands and is committed too, but considers that a victory since it reunites her with her son. They even have enough money to post a bounty on Salli in "Shadow of the Red Vixen" but it's later mentioned that they hung themselves after that failed.

Bloody Margo, almost committing it literally when she kicks Salli while the latter is already bound to a chair.

Captive of the Red Vixen

After the Red Vixen captures Ali, she makes her a slave to help Ali adjust to working with a less psychotic crew. Slightly subverted in that she offered to try and find Ali's surviving family, but Ali refused the offer. Wazagans, one of the more widespread species along with humans. At this level, a character based on yourself or a favorite persona will have a cameo appearance in an upcoming Red Vixen story.

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Lists with This Book. Jan 27, Tarl rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's rare that I come across a story that not only makes me get massively pissed off at a character or laughed out loud in public, but 'Captive of the Red Vixen' did that and so much more. Day has crafted a wonderful story that contained every element of a story I personally look for and enjoy in a tale. It also reminded me a lot of what brought me into the furry fandom to begin with. There are a number of things that Day does right with this story.

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One of them is the world development, presente It's rare that I come across a story that not only makes me get massively pissed off at a character or laughed out loud in public, but 'Captive of the Red Vixen' did that and so much more. One of them is the world development, presented in just the right increments. At no point does Day present too little or too much information. Politics, ethics, it all comes along at the perfect pace and as it is needed, usually presented through conversations.

Day's characters are another reason I enjoyed this story as much as I did. Each is complex, believable, and holds true to their character as the story moves along. Their personal flaws come across strong and clear, upping the readers ability to relate to each of the characters, even the antagonist. You can reason out their individual motives and see why each and every person chooses actions that they do. One of the things however that struck me as out of place within this story was a dream the main character has about the Red Vixen.

It comes out of nowhere and adds nothing to the storyline except to potentially ruin events that occur later on in the story. Part of the reason this comes across as being so jarring is that it's the only dream sequence of the main character we are privy to and thus when it comes up it feels unusual and out of line with the rest of the story.

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Thankfully, the dream is extremely short the main story continues fairly quickly. The action sequences in 'Captive of the Red Vixen' are handled with a flare and skill that makes them both realistic and blood pounding.

Day includes the fact that these are anthropormorphic animals in these confrontations, involving the use of their natural weapons, instincts and abilities. This added to the feel of each battle and thus helped the suspension of disbelief. They are in no way the main theme or element of the story, which is a fresh touch in a fandom that often has adult stories containing harder erotic scenes.

I highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a furry or science fiction story to read. Though a quick read, it's also one that has gotten the most emotional responses from me in the last while and one that I will be reading again in the future, as well as taking a look at Day's other works. Pick it up, and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I have. Jun 29, Avalanch rated it it was amazing.

Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1) Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1)
Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1) Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1)
Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1) Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1)
Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1) Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1)
Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1) Captive of the Red Vixen (The Red Vixen Adventures Book 1)

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