1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition)

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EN In the spring of , the major exhibition at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden will focus on the art of the exhibition itself. This exhibition will explore what it actually means to exhibit something, and how this can be shown. An der Akademie lernt man eine gewisse Freiheit im Denken. EN This group exhibition showcases five international artists from different generations—Curtis Anderson, Louisa Clement, Owen Gump, Sigmar Polke and Anna Vogel—whose diverse photographic-artistic practices examine the possibilities of the image and see its contents as ephemeral traces of external reality.

EN On first glance, it was hard to say what was depicted in these glossy black photographs.

The Russian Revolution

They might be pictures of extremely complex devices, perhaps the kind used in scientific experiments, or they could be of fine machine parts or the dissected limbos of an insect under a microscope. EN The group exhibition "Papier. It assembles his oeuvre from the years to and offers new insight into his multivalent practice.

EN In the epoch in which we live, we find ourselves confronted with new challenges.

1917 – Der wahre Oktober - Trailer 1 - Deutsch

The boundaries between public and private have become blurred. Old ties are being dissolved, new alliances are forming, the value of peaceful coexistence is being put to the test. EN John McAllister has adoring collectors and sold-out shows. EN Artdependence caught up with Karl Haendel to find out more about his work, his methods and his next projects.

EN A dream comes true: American Realism from to the present is being showcased in a double trans-border exhibition. EN Something in this exhibition is not right. While everything around us is sinking into chaos, opportunities for art arise from sheer impenetrability.

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The images, objects and videos in this exhibition purposefully hint at dark secrets by merging real and surreal worlds. November bis zum EN The introduction of virtual reality has led to a pictorial revolution that is radically changing not only our perception of images, but also our relationship with reality. Accessible illusionary worlds conjured up in virtual spheres provide visitors with a very concrete experience.

As secluded from the outside world as possible, they become immersed and physically involved in the pictorial spaces by means of interactive elements and additional devices. EN Wissenschaft oder Kunst? Ohne umfassende Kenntnisse der Chemie sind seine Werke einerseits nicht herstellbar. Nevin Aladag Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Ihre Installationen sind unter anderem auf der documenta, auf der Biennale von Venedig, der Frieze in London oder in der Frankfurter Schirn zu sehen. Seine Sprachkunst wurde schon mit Schwitters und Valentin verglichen.

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The contrast between the purgatorial environs of the hotels — hermetically sealed behind plate-glass windows, suffuse with the purring of the air-conditioning systems — and the graceful, sexually charged movements of their inhabitants is poignant, suggesting an effort to buck against the constraints of the grindingly ordinary. EN In what is one of the largest open-air sculpture museums in the world, 17 contemporary artists are adding their own works to those originally commissioned by Louis XIV.

These artists, dialoguing with the curators, have designed a dramaturgy leading visitors through the groves, the curious open-air salons of greenery in the gardens of Versailles. EN The abbey of Maubuisson continues its program of monographic exhibitions by inviting the artist Hicham Berrada. For his exhibition at Maubuisson, Hicham Berrada presents three unpublished works within this ancient Cistercian monastery of the 13th century.

EN Different generations of artists will be presented to the Berlin audience in a combination of formats such as exhibitions, studio visits with artist talk, meetings in galleries, expert panels, live performances and activities in the public space. We are not looking for commonalities between the work of political migrants and younger artists of the united Europe. We are rather drawing attention to individual artistic statements so as to open up spaces for personal narratives and overlapping references.

A versatile and reciprocal relationship to Berlin as a cultural location may thus function as an interpretative bracket; the city itself turns out to be a sui generis document, a living archive in which everything conglomerates: For the opening of the Pinakothek der Moderne in , Olaf Metzel created a sculpture that highlighted the stage-like appearance of the staircase. The artist was particularly interested by the lone column on the mid-landing, which he dressed in a dazzling robe of colourful acrylic glass, in the centre of which he stacked deformed plastic chairs.

This expansive work may be seen again on the occasion of the museum's 15th anniversary. Since then, his work has been shown all over the world.

Hamburg Uprising

Grisebach - Das Journal. Gute Kunst, schreckliches Publikum art - Das Kunstmagazin. The artist will show new drawings and sculptures. Friday, 15 September , 6—9 pm. The artist will present a her new 27 photographies series "Gliedermenschen". Die Herstellung und der Besitz des Nervengases Sarin sind weltweit verboten. Erhitzt man das Gas im Beisein von Glas, dann entstehen die schwarzen Brocken, die jetzt auf der Messe gezeigt werden […].

Originally conceived in response to the refugee crisis triggered by the war in the former Yugoslavia, this latest iteration of the piece makes a striking sculptural statement. It pays homage to the The exhibition is an exploratory dialogue between the work of two artists dedicated to the particularities of making drawings. Actions, Traces, and Journeys " is a 50 year survey exhibition that considers the themes of action and exploration outside of the studio and how artists engage this theme in various ways, including walking, cartography, land use, endurance, and the consideration of public space.

This exhibition highlights a variety of art practices, dating from the late s and continuing through present day. Salons, Galerien, Messen, Musen und Museen: Das Duo reist mit einer transportablen Galerie.

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Portikus is turning thirty. They are presenting a bar made of Jesmonite, a special material that the two artists have discovered for their work and reconceived as a form of expression. In this manner, the bar talks return to the roots of the first Peles Empire salons in Frankfurt as well as pointing out the collaboration between Peles Empire with other artists. The gallery is closed from 07 — 28 August for it's annual summer break. We will be back in the office up from 29 August.

Opening reception on Friday, 15 September , 6—9 pm. Gregor Hildebrandt Madame Magazin. International artists are invited to present their work with one image that is selected, adapted and, ultimately, printed for the space, as a format of a solo show. New perspectives on digital technologies, the Internet and social networks are shown, probing both virtual and physical manifestations of an artistic practice that is fundamentally influenced by the digital realm.

Rising Stars Canvas Magazine. In Erinnerung an Luise-Straus-Ernst. Die Rekonstruktion ihrer Kriegsausstellung im Wallraf.

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With Texts by Jason E. Die Photokopie der Photokopie der Photokopie der Photokopie" from Shared Spaces deals with our everyday interactions in digital spaces and their impact on our analogue relationships to the world. But sharing is not a loss-free transfer. The exhibition offers space for everything that is left over after this process. For residuals, overpluses, misunderstandings, likes, voids, errors and remaining answers.

Ein Atelierbesuch in Berlin. Made in Germany Drei www. Geplante und ungeplante Einflussnahmen, Ordnung und Chaos spielen eine entscheidende Rolle. Having compared the artist lists of the three major art events, artnet News has noticed eight figures who appeared in two out of the Big Three this year. How do their ideas fit into the Now? And how well do you know their work? Bringing together artists working in various media, from multiple regions, and of different generations, this exhibition focuses on the lyric—the poetic first-person account of lived experience—to explore the complexities of being in the world.

The global political situation today makes this critical enquiry seem more relevant than ever. A small gesture and a great inspiration for art. Hardly a ritual Our culture draws us so permanently under its spell. It is precisely the ambiguities and ambivalences of the kiss that have received a broad response in the art - also beyond romantic notions of love and passion. The exhibition begins with the art of the late 19th century and pursues the motif to the present.

In addition to painting, graphics, sculpture and applied art, there are also examples of photography, film, video art, installation, performance, medication history and advertising. The opening reception is during the Art Basel week. Im April begann die Ausstellung bereits in Athen. Metzel zwingt, durch die Deformierung seiner Gebilde, von ausgetrampelten Pfaden abzuweichen und neue Wege der Betrachtung und Einordnung zu gehen.

Hamburg Uprising - Wikipedia

Peles Empire are participating in the third edition of Made in Germany, which is collectively curated on a five-year-cycle by the three institutions, focuses on the conditions of producing art in Germany. The exhibition focuses on artistic positions that address production processes and examines the sites at which it is produced and presented.

Besides processual approaches, by way of examples it investigates forms of production that direct the spotlight on network concepts. This becomes palpable based on collective approaches and time-based presentations in which the body and the social attain altered visibilities. Viel ist von dem Kunstwerk noch nicht zu sehen. International contemporary art meets the spiritual figure of Luther — the exhibition will not focus on Martin Luther as a historic figure but as a visionary and avant-gardist of his era. The historic prison in Wittenberg will serve as a central exhibition venue and is being renovated and opened to the public on the occasion of the exhibition.

The work is always closely related to the architecture of the exhibition rooms. In Kassel Kunstverein, the partly deconstructed moment in the "Sternhochhaus" is picked up and characteristics of the rooms are highlighted. Based on the spatial structure, almost functional spatial elements such as shifted columns, space separators and objects arise which raise the question of which elements were already present and which were added.

But, in its central ambition, as a celebration of artists, there is a wealth of work to celebrate, ponder, and discuss. Here are a few of the projects and presentations the art world will remember long after this epic show closes. Wishbone captures themoment Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson begins slipping past Cleveland Browns defensive tackle ShaunRogers in a season opener. This meticulously hand-rendered, photorealisticgraphic drawing inspired by a photograph freezes a fraction of a sports second into a Philbrook Downtown unveils 'Game On!

Are you ready for some football? If so, Philbrook Downtown is opening Friday a new exhibit built around its most recent acquisition: What happens to identity, architecture and materiality when our physical reality meets the virtual spaces created by new technology? It was the performances that made the venue come alive: ARS17 is a major exhibition of international contemporary art on the theme of digital revolution. The exhibition will showcase artists of the new millennium and offer a fresh approach to contemporary art by also expanding the viewing experience into the online realm.

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Kaiser Wilhelm II calls to arms: Gerlich publishes numerous articles in the "Wirklichkeit". Gerlich appears as public speaker in Bavaria on behalf of the newly established "Deutsche Vaterlandspartei" German Fatherlands Party. The government of the first Soviet Republic His exposed position in the confrontation with Bolshevism forced Gerlich to flee upon the establishment of the South-Bavarian Soviet Republic.

In this context he also edits the publication "Feurio.

1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition) 1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition)
1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition) 1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition)
1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition) 1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition)
1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition) 1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition)
1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition) 1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition)
1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition) 1917 - Die Lehren des Oktober (German Edition)

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