Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II

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You should try to avoid using this word in U. In fact, that would just be awkward to say in the U. Exito In Spanish, this word does not mean exit. Again, not a fart. There are also a number of tools available at your disposal, such as mobile applications that provide you with real-life examples and their pronunciation that allow you to practice before you set off to your travel destination. After all, traveling can be stressful, especially when it comes to business, but it should be stressful for other reasons outside avoidable misunderstandings.

Her stories take readers on the roads less travelled, with a focus on solo and responsible travel. Lakshmi Sharath is a travel writer and blogger from Bangalore who gave up her career in media to pursue her passion. She blogs at www. Mariellen Ward is a professional travel writer based in Toronto and Delhi, torn between the natural beauty of Canada and the chaos and colour of India.

She writes for many online and offline publications and publishes the award-winning travel blog Breathedreamgo , inspired by her extensive travels in India, Canada and beyond. Handicapped for life by 18 strokes, and a puerile love for fast machines, Meraj Shah juggles his time hacking around golf courses, driving fast cars, and riding superbikes across the world: A thrill seeker and die-hard adrenalin junkie, ex-submariner Satyabrata Dam has too many accomplishments to summarize.

He shows no signs of slowing down. Prachi has travelled extensively within India and through Europe. She specialises in writing about culinary journeys, offbeat destinations, and culture travelogues. Other than Happytrips, she writes for various print publications, and also chronicles her trips on her blog Deliciously Directionless - http: Anuradha Shankar is a mother, traveller, freelance writer, compulsive bookworm.. She lives in Mumbai and aims to travel as much as she can across the country, 11 year old son in tow. Her blog ' A Wandering Mind ' is primarily a travel blog, but true to its name it wanders all the time - from events to random thoughts, book reviews to her son's latest peccadilloes.

Puru is a travel blogger and photographer who tries to take out time from their daily life whenever possible and explore the world with his partner Ekta. Part of the IT crowd in Pune, they aspire to break free, see the world, and tell the stories of their travels on their blog - Shadows Galore. Looking at the world through her camera lens, Reva Vidyalankar is passionate about backpacking, beaches and the silence that mountain cliffs offer.

When she's not rambling about in her head looking for words, she's found either glued to a computer or to a book. An ideal day for her would include breakfast in snow covered Mussorie, a never ending road trip, and silly experiments concocted with her sister. With insightful understanding of the content world, Mayank entwines out-of-the-box ideas with practical, user-friendly executions. A movie-buff and a not-so-bad singer, Mayank gave up his job in advertising to be a travel writer. He wishes to own a chalet one day where he'd also stack his travel diaries, and keepsakes that he collects from around the world.

Some of his big loves include beach-hopping, long drives, and reading Charles Bukowski and Gulzar Saab. Of her many travel writing avtaars, she is happiest when penning a guidebook - it has something to do with the comprehensiveness of knowing a destination and the thrill of being on the road for long stretches. Find out more on http: Hailing from Chhattisgarh, one of the most underrated and untouched tourist destinations of the country, she aspires to travel the world with megabucks in her pocket and a camera to capture all the beauty around.

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An avid reader and movie buff, she loves to travel luxuriously and wishes to portray human emotions, cultures and traditions through sharp and detailed photography. Kevin Pilley is a former professional cricketer. Infused with his typical Brit dry sense of humour and wit, Kevin's travel and humour writing appears in publications worldwide.

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Malaysia's foremost food reviewer, and sometime TV food presenter, Fay's obsession with food has taken her from five-star tables to monsoon drain-side stalls, all in search of the next tastiest morsel. Fay is also an author of children's books and is the host of a food show on radio. Jaclynn Seah is a Singaporean girl who has a full-time day job like regular people do, and loves to travel when she can get the time off.

She hopes to encourage fellow desk-bound wanderlusters to indulge in their love for travel and get away more. Savi and Vid have been to over cities in 70 countries, following their love of offbeat and luxury travel. From hiking glaciers in Alaska to dining with Penguins in South Africa, their adventures and photographs have been featured on several TV stations and newspapers, including Discovery Channel and the Huffington Post.

They write about their experiences on www. A 20 something girl with an inherited travel gene, Arti can often be found on the road travelling with her best friend, inspiration and guide - her father. She considers her external yatras as continuous learning journeys within; a journey where she seeks to discover the real treasures of this life someday. An award winning blogger, including all expense paid trips to Japan and Melbourne, her blog My Yatra Diary… features among one of the best travel blogs in India today.

Alana Morgan is a twenty-something traveller trying to figure out life one place at a time, and blogging about it at Paper Planes. Originally from Seattle, she's been living, working, and travelling in Thailand and Southeast Asia for the past three years with no plans to 'settle down' anytime soon. Niranjan Das is passionate about travel, be it long bike rides or treacherous trekking or leisure holidaying or backpacking through the countryside or an engrossing train journey.

He dreams of setting foot on every single country on planet earth, meeting adorable strangers and learning about new cultures.

I Want to Chronicle My Travels but not Write a Blog. Any Suggestions?

A Bangalorean, an IT professional on week days and outdoorsy on weekends and loves to explore off-beat places. Once a motor-biker now he spends more time on the bike with pedals. Check out his travel stories on his blog - http: Shrinidhi Hande is a Business Analyst by profession and travel blogger by passion.

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Based in Chennai and blogging since at www. Shrinidhi writes primarily on travel and automobiles. Known for his candid reviews and detailed analysis, he has also contributed as official blogger for several invents. Apart from writing, Shrinidhi enjoys long drives, reading, photography and Chess. I believe that it is the power of words that influence people, decisions, directions, and above all: With the passion to explore the real-life fantasies in this practical world, I believe that travelling is all it takes to refresh one?

I am here to guide you with all that you need to know about exploring the enchanting beauty of this planet. Wondering how to make your travel experience remarkable? Amrita is a freelance travel writer and professional travel blogger; she propagates female solo travel and shares her experiences from offbeat, culture and adventure travel through her writing. Uma Muthuraaman is a native of Chennai, married to a Delhite. With a two state-marriage and bi-cultural kids she has travelled around the world and lived in Asian and European cities so far. Since , Uma and her family are based in Germany.

She currently lives and works as a communication consultant in Cologne. She shares her life in Germany, experience as a freelancer and travel tips in her website www. Anuradha has travelled extensively across India and explored 16 countries in 3 continents. Bhavani is a traveller by choice, photographer by interest and writer by desire.

She has a soft corner for strangers and is more curious about their lives than that of her friends. She's crafted more than a dozen walking tours for the leading travel app company in India and her articles have been published in leading publications and on websites, but she believes the journey began at merrytogoaround.

In a dedicated relationship with chocolate, books, her husband and lower case, she is yet to figure out the order of preference.

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A wanderer and essentially a creative junkie at heart, Shruti Maheshwari holds special fascination for things that belong to an old world, things that tell their own tales, the more mythical and magical, the better it is. She dreams of travelling solo, overcoming various odds and telling her own interesting stories. She likes dappling with content in whatever form and is weaving an offline to online yarn with flourish. A traveller by heart and a wanderlust by spirit, Sushobhan has travelled extensively in North East India and has done a lot of offbeat treks in the himalayan region.

He runs a travel blog at http: Anita Rao Kashi is a freelance travel and food writer based in Bangalore. After nearly 12 years with The Times of India in Bangalore,she went freelance in Jan to write about travel and food.

Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume III

Apart from writing for various national and international magazines, newspapers and websites, as well blogging on travel and food, she has worked on travel and food guides. Rachel Jones is an American who left a career in nursing to live on the beaches on Goa, India nearly 3 years ago where she is now a Thai masseuse, candle-maker, and travel writer.

Saurabh Kapur, a graduate from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, found his true calling not in consulting business but in a crazy adventurous ride. Saurabh, an avid cyclist has several endurance cycling milestones to his name and as you read this, he will be gearing up for rigours of a course in mountaineering in mighty Himalayas.

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He is fond of sharing his experiences on his blog: Since she quit her cubicle job in , Swati has been backpacking in and around India covering cities across 20 states. Her expertise lies in writing the travel, hotel and food guides. She enjoys finding ways to live exclusively off of potatoes so that she can afford to spend all her money exploring strange places strangely.

By heart, Chandni is a passionate traveler and by qualification, she is a computer science graduate and an MBA in Marketing. She has traveled to 15 countries and 3 continents till date. She recently cofounded her travel startup named Rural Odyssey. Her interests include traveling, photography, writing, cooking, meeting with new people and understanding life better. She believes that life is a journey where we have a lot to discover and traveling is the best way to discover life. Traveling makes her strong, practical and an improved version of herself. Her personal blog is The Soaring Spirit.

Philippa Kaye is an Indophile, traveller, budding author, lover of dogs and rider of horses, entrepreneur and eternal optimist. She enjoys getting off the beaten track both personally and professionally and has dedicated her life to sharing her stories and helping others find their own off-road path. Conventional is not the name of her game. Her expertise lies in writing travel stories and guides. She is closely associated with major publications other than Happytrips.

You can read her travel stories on http: Sumedha has travelled across 28 countries, including a major chunk of India, and calls Japan, Thailand, France and Switzerland her pet destinations. She is seasoned in going off the beaten track and loves documenting her journeys. Apart from getting lost in metropolises, being stranded at airports and finding solace in the hills, she actively writes for eminent travel platforms. You can follow her trips on her social media handles.

He blogs at www. Davide has been a long term traveller for the last seven years, sharing his stories and impressive photos on NomadTravellers. He knows every corner of Europe, in particular Italy and Romania, he loves Nepali Himalaya and he has extensive experience in South East Asia, where he calls Indonesia his second home. He is specialized in sightseeing guides and reports from his first hand experiences, with a focus on nature, arts and architecture. He has travelled extensively in India and Europe and he specialises in first person experiential writing complete with adventure, anecdotes, suspense and surprising endings providing a fresh perspective to a destination.

He also loves drawing real characters he met and observed on the way. Other than Happytrips, you can read his work at http: Her expertise lies in writing about beach destinations and luxury travel. Other than Happytrips, she chronicles her trips on www. Her expertise lies in writing about unusual places to visit which includes local markets, temples, shops and exploring the native culture of a place.


Other than Happytrips, she chronicles her trips on http: I am an Engineer by profession, traveler by choice and a keen learner in things that really draw my attention. I really like to try my hands on a lot of stuff, be it good food, some new art, adventure games or anything else! In short, a person with varied interests! I quit my full-time IT job twice, and both breaks helped me travel a lot.

Embarking on an Epic Motorcycle Journey: Doin' it Baja (Part 1/8)

I feel blessed by the things that have happened to me in my life, be it education, work or relocation. London is my current home, I plan to be here until a new abode calls me with open arms! Lindsay has travelled extensively through North America, Europe and Central America as well as worldwide. Her expertise lies in writing city travel guides, off the beaten path destinations and solo travel.

Other than Happytrips, she is the owner and writer at https: Divya is a tireless traveller and an ardent dreamer, who is on a mission to create memories. A romantic at heart, she loves the adventure of unplanned journeys. Believer of all things spontaneous and impulsive, she is a self-confessed addict of street food. She believes driving and biking is meditative.

Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II
Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II
Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II
Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II
Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II
Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II
Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II
Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II Journeys in Words: Chronicles of Avid Travelers, Volume II

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