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Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en andere heffingen en exclusief eventuele verzendkosten en servicekosten. Elektronica topcadeaus Korting op parfum Cadeauwinkel Cadeaukaarten Kerst voordeel. Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. Samenvatting In , Roger Andrews takes his wife Claire and their five children to a canyon home they have never seen.

On the way, Roger is killed. Claire cuts her waist-length hair and puts on Roger's clothes and poses as big brother Clarence to get them safely to their destination. Their new home is in Collins Canyon below Misty Mountain and the twin falls.

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The high falls is so high the water forms a mist that gives the mountain its name. The lower falls is only a few hundred feet high. George Royce, the rancher who owns most of Triangle Valley, has tried to kill Barnaby Collins for ten years so he can build a dam across Collins Canyon and irrigate thousands of acres of land he owns. So George makes plans for Clarence Andrews.

While being the valley's most eligible bachelor, Clarence has to contend with all the women who want him. Clarence falls in love with Chad who works for George Royce. When Clarence kisses Chad when they are alone on the mountain, Chad is terrified of the feelings he has for Clarence because Chad thinks that Clarence is a man. Follow the road to adventure and romance with Claire. This novel is about a young family on their way to their new home in Colorado from Ohio.

They were wealthy, but they sold everything in Ohio to go to a new home that only Roger C. He was tired of all the work involved in being the owner of a big store in Ohio. As a lark, they were taking a covered wagon to their new home following spring into the mountains. Roger is killed trying to save his wife from a rapist.

Claire, the young widow with five children, kills the rapist by mashing his head in with a rock. After the inquest and funeral, she is taken advantage of by an older couple with no children. They want her to be Hagar for Sarah. She and her children escape but as a result of her fears for herself and her children, she cuts off her long beautiful hair and pretends to be a man.

Claire is 28 years old, 5'10". She puts on Roger's clothes and her riding boots and becomes Roger C. Andrews, but I go by my middle name, Clarence or Clare for short. She had been signing his name to all the checks for years. He is disappointed and disillusioned with how the country has changed in recent years, and routinely confronts these issues in open court. Wherever he works, he treats his coworkers with levity and refuses to take himself too seriously.

Alan suffers from night terrors , has a fear of clowns and, in two episodes, suffered from word salad. He has resigned himself to the fact that he will never be made partner at the firm due to his unpredictable behavior and lack of trustworthiness. Alan is best friends with Denny Crane despite their sharp differences in political ideologies.

Subsequently, she became a lawyer. Tara and Alan finally began a sexual relationship following his break-up with Sally Heep, though their relationship hit a rocky patch when he hired a group of men to attack a man he had previously fought with.

Her departure leads to Alan questioning his emotional suitability for a relationship. However, after he used her to get information from a witness against their client so they could suppress his testimony, she broke up with him.

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Shortly after Shirley took over the Boston offices, she fired Sally for repeated errors in case preparation that called her competence as a lawyer into question. This appearance addresses her transformation from an insecure junior to an assertive and sexually exploitative character. He considers himself a legend and loves to say his own name to "sign" his verbal utterances. In one of the final episodes of The Practice , he explained that often people don't believe they're in the room with a legend, so he says his own name to let them know it's true.

Denny suffers from memory loss and confusion as part of the early stages of Alzheimer's disease , but often refers to his troubles as " mad cow disease " when his utterances are confusing to others or when he himself becomes confused. While he is still trying cases as late as Season 1 of Boston Legal , by Season 2, he seems to have lost most of his talent for complex litigation, though he still shows flair in appealing to a jury in closing arguments.

He is a conservative who believes gun control is for " communists " and refuses to defend anyone who is accused of extremely heinous acts; in one episode, he shoots a client because of the nature of his crime raping and murdering a child. Denny enjoys an extremely close friendship with Alan Shore, is also a womanizer like Alan, and has no problem sleeping with the wives of judges and clients. Though he marries another woman in Season 2 from whom he is quickly divorced after engaging in an act of infidelity at their wedding reception , he still pines for Shirley Schmidt.

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The following characters first appeared in Boston Legal , and formed part of the regular ensemble. Initially, Lori focuses her efforts on practicing civil law, though after working with Edwin Poole she becomes more comfortable with criminal cases, believing them to be incredibly rewarding emotionally. Though she was close friends with Shirley Schmidt, she files a sexual harassment claim against Denny Crane in the first season.

Denny later apologized to Lori, though she departed the firm shortly thereafter. Alan later comments that Shirley had "ushered" Lori out, suggesting she resigned under significant pressure from the managing partners. Brad Chase is the man who the others turn to when they need something done. He often relies on his Marine Corps background to both intimidate others and undertake physically demanding tasks. Brad is a self-proclaimed homophobic, and though he had hated Alan initially, he later became slightly more tolerant of him. Brad initially had a strong relationship with Lori Colson, though upon her departure from the firm he grows close to Denise Bauer.

The two later have a child together, and marry shortly after. Shortly after the third season, he leaves the firm to begin work as an Assistant District Attorney. With a propensity to remind her younger colleagues that she's "Schmidt", Shirley is tasked with reining in Denny's preposterous behavior, directing litigation, and practicing law.

Prior to founding her firm, Shirley attended Wellesley College where she met her share of intelligent Harvard students. Shirley used to have a romantic relationship with Denny, a past she now views with sardonic detachment, often making jokes about it. She is portrayed as extremely desirable in the series: She eventually marries Carl Sack in the series finale.

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Paul is skilled in client relations and is an expert in Far Eastern markets and legal problems of corporations doing business in that part of the world. Unlike Denny and Alan, Paul generally does things strictly "by the book. His middle-aged daughter, Rachel, is introduced in Season 2 as a meth addict, and Paul has her abducted and placed in a rehab center. He takes custody of her daughter and his granddaughter Fiona. After this, being tied up with being a daddy to his grandchild he is seldom seen in the Boston office. Denise Bauer was introduced as an aggressive young attorney at the start of the show's second season.

Her distractions over the divorce cause her trouble with some cases, though she later settles on compensating her husband with a single-time alimony payment of one hundred thousand dollars. In season two, Denise begins a relationship with a terminally ill man named Daniel Post, a romance that leads to her travelling to a haunted house to retrieve his head following his death.

Denise's first professional blow is delivered when she is passed over for partnership in Spring , despite being considered a safe bet. In season three, Denise discovers she is pregnant with Brad's baby, and as of the seventeenth episode, she had decided to have the baby.

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She later marries Brad Chase, and after taking extended maternity leave, accepts a partner position at a different law firm. She later returns as opposing counsel. Garrett Wells was introduced in the second-season premiere as a brash young attorney who is obviously attracted to Denise. He is not all that effective in the courtroom, being humiliated on more than one occasion by no-nonsense judges.

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  • He is also intimidated by Catherine Piper, the caterer and former assistant to Alan Shore, who actually runs him out of his own office. He is not seen after the end of Season 2. It is unclear whether he is still with the firm or was let go by the partners. During season two he begins a relationship with a paralegal, initially bringing disgrace to the firm due to their mistimed sexual encounters.

    Claire and Clarence Claire and Clarence
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