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I grab the waist of his pants and open his belt.

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I rip the snap open and pull down the zipper. I reach in and yank out his cock. It is still a little soft. I kneel down and suck it all the way into my mouth. I feel his hands on my head. I suck him for a minute and I feel him get hard in my mouth. I pull off and lean against the wall. I pull up my skirt and lift my right leg. I grab his hand and put it behind my right knee. You paid for it. He buries his cock in me immediately and starts ripping into me. I close my eyes. My neck was getting sore as he continued to yank on my hair with each thrust.

My pussy was numb now. He was still savagely pounding it but the pain had gotten to the point where I couldn't process it anymore. I wondered how long he could go. I had no idea, no one had ever told me. Cindy said Tommy only lasted about 30 seconds but we had passed 30 seconds a long time ago. I felt a new pain as he hammered in deep again and held himself there. My thighs were pressed against the edge of the table and they hurt now.

He was pushing hard and moving around, trying to get deeper. You ready for that you little bitch? He pulled out a little and then rammed it back in. I heard him moan and I felt him shake a little. I didn't feel anything but a warmth deep within me. He was cumming in me and I had no protection. I wondered if I was going to have a lifetime reminder of this?

I prayed that didn't happen. Praying while you were being raped, that was a good touch. How could I love a child that came out of this? How could I not love a child? Again, my sadness overwhelmed me and I started to sob again. He let go of my hair and I laid my head on the cool table.

He pulled out slowly and I felt him move away. I lay across my glass coffee table and cried. The biker rips my young pussy for about 5 minutes and cums hard. He pulls out and I lower my leg, smooth my skirt and go back into the diner. I grab the coffee pot on my way by and go to my tables. The old couple wants their check so I pull it out. She pulls out her little change purse and starts counting coins. I look at the two friends and they are done with their pie. I grab their empty plates and take them to the kitchen without even making eye contact. I slam the check down on the table and they jump.

I walk away with no expression. Who am I mad at? Not him, he is only doing what he normally does. I am mad at myself. Have I become a whore, a slut who will fuck at the drop of a hat? When did I go from virgin cheerleader to alley slut? I stop and put down the pot of coffee. I know the answer to that one. I just don't know when or where it will stop. How far will I fall? He walks past me to his table. I don't look back on purpose.

I go behind the counter and get a fresh rag. When I look up they are gone. I walk over and clear their table. I wipe it perfectly clean and then move to the old people's table. There is a little pile of money.

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They have counted out the exact change for their small bill. I pick it up and read it — "Sweetheart, Don't give up. I feel hands grab my hands and Sally is sitting across from me. I look at her through my tears. I wipe my eyes and cheeks and take a deep breath. Another feeling of despair runs over me. Am I officially a whore now? I did just fuck for money. That is pretty much a no-brainer. At least I am expensive.

I slide out of the booth and check my other tables. I felt him grab my hair and pull me to my feet. I screamed a little into the tape.

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It hurt as he yanked my hair hard. I stood and my legs were a little wobbly. My crotch hurt bad. I could feel something warm and wet running down my inner thighs. I couldn't imagine what that was. I felt his breath again on my neck. He pulled the tape off slowly and I worked hard to not make a noise as the pain ripped across my skin.

Stolen Innocence Ch. 02 - NonConsent/Reluctance -

Fresh tears ran down my cheeks. He pushed me down and I fell to my knees. He pulled my hair to get me to look up at him. He still had on the ski mask but his eyes were cruel. He let go of my hair and I saw his soft cock swaying in front of my face. He grabbed it with his hand and lifted it to my lips. He rubbed it across my lips and face. I opened my young mouth and he placed the soft cock on my tongue. I didn't know what to do. Don't tell me you haven't sucked a cock.

A little prick tease like you. You have probably sucked off the entire school to keep them out of your pants. I closed my mouth around his cock. I sucked a little and pulled more into my mouth.

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It tasted strange and then I realized I was tasting myself. This cock has just taken my precious virginity. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else. I knew it would be. I bet all of your holes are sweet. That pretty face looks even better with a cock sticking out of it. This is Powerone's second volume of this story.

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  • Containing Chapters 5 to 9 of the whole volume, this is complete with 20 fine illustrations in the same style as the cover by Aries. This is a truly cracking BDSM story and the illustrations are worthy collectors items. Christy and her lovely, 18 year old, virginal daughter Angela are on a jeep ride into the Mexican jungle. They don't know they will fall prey to evil, sex-driven rebels who will stop at nothing to turn the women into whores that will serve their every demand.

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    Then, after being lost in the jungle for over three hours the women's delight at being found by the rebels turns to pure horror as they are abused, tortured and punished until they comply- not just with the General and his Sergeant, but all the others in the team. A truly great read with a fantastic plot and jam-packed with some very hard BDSM and sex action.

    This book is quite literally a work of art. With voracious sexual appetites that make modern BDSM players cringe, she fears the Black Angus will find out her one most personal secret along with the data she stole. Lord Frika has organized the Black Angus in an assault on the cybernetic ruling class of the Unseelie Kingdom in an attempt to begin reversing the damage computers and technology have done to Faery.

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    • Seeing Siddella, he realizes that this little party crasher is more than just a thief and that she holds the key to not only restoring Faery but to his heart. Can an thief who values freedom fall in love with a fierce fighter with a taste for chaining his lovers and then degrading them in every way he can imagine? Can the two them work past personal issues to save Faery from a fate worse than death? Or will her forced surrender be too much for the Faery to handle?

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      Siddellas Surender Siddellas Surender
      Siddellas Surender Siddellas Surender
      Siddellas Surender Siddellas Surender
      Siddellas Surender Siddellas Surender
      Siddellas Surender Siddellas Surender
      Siddellas Surender Siddellas Surender
      Siddellas Surender Siddellas Surender
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