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Traditional Greek Greetings For Every Occasion

A po pou ei sai? E hete tho ma tio?

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Mpo ro na bga lo mia fotogra fi a? Pay attention to the small difference from "kiss". Many words used in English and other European languages come from Greek words. Here are some examples: I found out, however, that I could make my address in Greek which would still be English to everybody.

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With your permission, Mr. Chairman, I shall do it now, using with the exception of articles and prepositions only Greek words".

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Learn Greetings in Greek: Learn the names of Towns and Places in Crete and Greece In all the following, "e" is read as in "egg" and "th" is read as in "this". Po so ka nei?

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John Kalaras and the speech of Dr. Taata wange omuto Uncle maternal Kojja wange Cousin paternal Do you have any brothers or sisters Olina bagandabo oba bannyoko? I am not married Siri mufumbo I am married Ndi mufumbo Do you have any children? I don't have any children Sirina baana I don't have any children yet Sinnafuna baana I have Omutabani omu One daughter Omuwala omu Three sons Abatabani basatu Two daughters Do you speak English?

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Weewawo No, I do not Nedda I can only speak a little Luganda Oluganda mmanyi lutonotono Does any one here speak english? Wano waliwo amanyi olungereza? Ntegeera I don't understand Sitegeera How do you say " Mu Luganda ogamba otya nti " What does this mean? Mwattu yogera mpolampola Write that word down for me Ekigambo ekyo kimpandiikire Please repeat it Mwattu kiddemu Please translate for me What are your hobbies? I do not like Kugenda mu maduuka Music Kuzannya mizannyo Reading books Kukuba bifaananyi To play soccer Kuzannya kapiira To play tennis Jangu wano Go away!

Nnyamba It is possible Kisoboka It is not possible Neerabidde It is important Kikulu It is not important Si kikulu What is the time?

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    Greetings, Kali Greetings, Kali
    Greetings, Kali Greetings, Kali
    Greetings, Kali Greetings, Kali
    Greetings, Kali Greetings, Kali
    Greetings, Kali Greetings, Kali
    Greetings, Kali Greetings, Kali
    Greetings, Kali Greetings, Kali

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