From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls

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Whispers Of Rest

It was worshipful, it was transcendent. It makes it just that much easier to not listen to those tempting lies the next time. Wow, manna from heaven. To renew the spirit and joy anew everyday. Just what I needed today. I am a nurse and have the privilege of working in a home where we are free to pray and share our faith. The onslaught has been fierce. Sometimes I get discouraged. Thank you for giving me just what I needed today. I look forward to receiving the daily email from Bonnie, I just signed up!

The emails from Holley are like getting a hug every day from a friend. Now I will have a new friend! Thank you Holley for introducing us to Bonnie. Gosh with the battering of the work world,I feel like a small, dark piece of ash. I know how delighted I am when my little 3-yr old grandaughter dances for me.

Thank you Holly and Bonnie for reminding me that I am enough. But God has been there for me every step of my way since my divorce. Thank you so much ladies for the reminder that we are all loved by God! Thanks for sharing this. However, I get so in the habit of just repeating the words that I forget to really ponder their meaning.

My prayer is that everyone who seeks Christ remembers to look beyond the words and seek life-sustaining meaning. But, my faith walk has been so broken, so meandering and I feel so much like an unworthy woman of God. The accusations drown out the whispers of the Lord most times. Reading your messages shores up my hope at least for an hour or a half-day or maybe even a long night when I am feeling so unworthy. I am blessed in that God does say something new to me each morning—His mercies are truly new each day!

Right now, this week, God is reminding me that I am strong in Him… life circumstances have been a bit rough, but we God in me can handle them…. I am now a follower of Faith Barista and look very forward to following her blog! The giveaway block is soul food, I really like it. Hmm I am reminded I need to live in the moment, this moment, this speck of time and be all that I am in it…. Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments! The whispers have become increasingly blaring and annoying as of late — Thank you for turning the volume down on Satan and turning the volume up for God!

I am just realizing how God feeds me each day — I know about daily prayer actually all day long prayer and about daily Bible study. I truly need Him all the time. There is so much truth in these thoughts! I have been experiencing that alot this past week as I moved my 93 year old Mother from one Nursing Home to another. It seemed so hard to face, but God gave the peace and comfort and strength we all needed to get through and be thankful for the grace we are now receiving from this new sunshine-filled space that Mother is in.

God is a good God! I have been following your blog by email for a while now, yours was the first blog I ever read, and I thoroughly enjoy it. I am part of the puzzle of this world He made and he delights in me, just as I am! The way I see myself is completely different and usually I tend to think that God God sees me in the same way as I do.

You are such an encouragement to me. I am reminded of a worship day I went to some years ago, which was based round Zeph 3: To think of the creator of the universe actually rejoicing over us and singing about it is quite awesome. I too love the manna parallel — thank you so much for that. Why do we always try to do it on our own!! Give it all over to Him. This sounds like one amazing book! I carry His Peace with me throughout the day, which enable s me to act in love rather than react in fear. Peace is essential in our walk with Christ. This comes from an awareness of His presence and love for me.

He loves me still and this brings me Peace. Not as the world gives. When the voices rise like the tide I have to remember more than ever that I am loved by Him and drown out those voices with His Word. It is in those times I must have the faith to believe it even if my mind or mood tells me otherwise. It truly brought me joy just reading that God delights in me! I have always struggled with feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness, but to hear that God sees me as more than enough brightened my day!

I need to take it one day at a time and not worry about fixing myself, but know that I am a work in progress and that I am cherished by the One who made me! Thank you, Jesus, that your mercies ARE new every morning! Really enjoyed the blog post. It is a good reminder that God loves us and gives us all that we need each and everyday;. When Holly suggests, I try.

What a blessing your book is and it does go straight to the heart. It is interesting that I read this today.. I have been at a teacher conference and one of the speakers talked on this and God said I am his daughter and that really touched my heart. That I can be his daughter with my flaws and strengths and he is my father forever. Blessings on this post made my day to think of God delighting in me. I hear the whispers often too…but I am really learning to let the Truth be the frequency I am tuned too!

There are sweet and sour nuances that challenge and surprise the finest taste buds. The nourishment is totally healthy and enriching — everything required to grow and be strong is included. Why is it so hard to believe that God takes delight in me, his child?! Thank you for reminding me that God actually takes pleasure and delight in me. It is so hard for me to imagine the way God really sees me.

To take each obstacle one at a time and keep pushing through the day. Thank you for all your encouragement. Thanks for offering up faith filled words. I am working on Craving God more, and both Holley and your words help on that journey. Blessings to you both. Terri S Madison WI. Thanks so much for the encouragement and excellent analogies! Now I would also like to add messages from Bonnie! Blessings to both of you for your faithful testimony! What comfort and joy I found that day! My soul is hungry!

How encouraging to find such uplifting messages on my computer. Events in my life have been difficult in the past few months especially. I know God cares about us and the sorrow we are confronting. I am calling upon all of you to pray for my dear friend Candice and her son Ryan that has a Heroin addiction. She has already lost her other 19yr. Please she is beside herself as her son does not know Christ and we are asking for Divine intervention. We know what our Lord did for Saul who became Paul, I know and trust he can do the same for Ryan and pray and besceech him to do so.

Please put Ryan on your prayer request list and also pray for him yourselves. In Jesus Holy Name I pray. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the reminder that we are enough! I, personally, had a very loving Father, who loved God with all his heart. My husband, on the other hand, experienced some of the very things you mention that Brennan Manning also encountered. Only God can help heal those that suffer silently, much of the time, Thank you, Jesus, for your neverending grace. God has fashioned our hearts alike so your words reach out to a generation of women who need just these reminders of truth so they can reach out to others and those can reach out to others.

Thank you Faith, David and Brennan Manning! I read the Ragamuffin Gospel years ago and loved it. Would love to get his memoir. The post about him is intriguing and I would love to read the whole story. Thank you for the consistent encouragement and uplifting posts. I am blessed trough you.


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Just shows how much God Loves Us All! Sounds like a fascinating book…and one that could bring healing. I will be looking for it as a possible gift for a friend who is walking through a very dark place right now as she looks back at woundings from her father when she was very young…. This week Father reminded me that I am not a victim and that I need to put away the victim mindset I have.

Of course what usually accompanies the victim mindset is self pity, and that combination was drying me out. I kept rehearsing the past and revisiting the pain of the past and declaring pain and death over my life. This week I heard God whisper to me, victim mentality, so I rose up and prayed against that.

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I am so thankful that God loves me and that His mercies are new every morning, and that His faithfulness endures forever. Sometimes it takes more faith for us to enter into a child's story than simply praying that it changes. Experience these stories unscripted. How would you fill in the blank?

I must admit that the first answer that popped in my head was the Sunday School answer. Wonderfully Made… uh-huh 3. Then my heart stopped on What brings you joy? Delight, which is a synonym for joy, is powerful. If you asked God the same question, what do you think He would say? Get Faith Shots Get each post served up hot and fresh in your mailbox.

Bonnie Gray Welcome to Faith Barista — a blog that serves up shots of faith for everyday life. Love Has Come Down: Merry Christmas, Sweet Kindreds! Reply Courtney October 20, at 2: October 20, at 3: Thank you so much.

Feed Your Soul :: { Day 20 } God’s Heart For You (Giveaway & Guest Post by Holley Gerth)

Reply Katie October 20, at 3: Reply Cassandra Frear October 20, at 3: Only that God is. Sometimes the question we ask is incomplete, and that starts the trouble. Reply diana dunham October 20, at 3: Reply valorie October 20, at 4: Reply Tara October 20, at 4: Reply Holley Gerth October 20, at 8: Wow, that makes me smile!! Reply Amy Nabors October 20, at 5: Reply Melissa October 20, at 5: Reply corrie October 20, at 5: Reply Lisa Tarpley October 20, at 5: Reply Julie October 20, at 5: Reply Caroline October 20, at 5: Holley — Thank you for your words and sharing them here!

Reply Lorie October 20, at 5: Reply Rhondi October 20, at 5: What a great giveaway. I am already a follower! Reply Caroline October 20, at 6: October 20, at 6: Thanks, Bonnie, and thanks, Holley! You both have set a good table for us today. Reply Eunice Lai October 20, at 6: Reply Linda R October 20, at 6: Reply Barbara Collins madreminutes October 20, at 6: Reply Amy Hunt October 20, at 6: Reply Linda October 20, at Reply Jennifer Mantle October 20, at 6: Reply Rebecca Calcote October 20, at 6: Reply Lin October 20, at 9: Reply Ruth Mitchell October 20, at 1: Reply Doug Spurling October 20, at 7: Reply Kristy Lynn October 20, at 7: Reply Christine October 20, at 7: Reply Abby October 20, at 7: Reply Angie price October 20, at 7: Reply angela October 20, at 8: October 20, at 8: Adding it to my wish list now!

Reply Kristin Smith October 20, at 8: Reply Tatum October 20, at 8: Reply Marla Y October 20, at 9: Thank you for the chance to win. Reply Becky Weiss October 20, at 9: What a delightful thought. Reply Julie October 20, at 9: Reply Linda October 20, at 9: Reply sharon m October 20, at 9: Reply Janet October 20, at 9: Reply Betty October 20, at 9: Reply Erin October 20, at 9: Reply Trish October 20, at Reply Kim Mora October 20, at Reply Pat October 20, at You both always stir my heart — today more so than ever….

We will not live this life Clif of disappointment, but God will love us beyond, in and through it. Thank you my heart is beyond full because I am overwhelmed by His love right now. I have felt dissapointed of myself, each time more, since a long time now. This one, likes me a lot …. Thank you so much for writing this, God really does have a plan for us even through all our misery.

Just wanted to say how much this helped this morning! I hope you continue to be a positive voice! I pay my tithes and offering. They like to share their pregnancy news with me.. I just dealt with disappointment the past week, one week I expected to be my best graduation turned to be a week of disappointment. Thank you for allowing God to use you to speak words of life! This is for me.. To God be the Glory, Great things he has done. He knew that i would need this today and guided me to your page. Blessings to you and yours and may God continue to make his face shine apon you, be gracious unto you and give you his peace.

I am dealing with anxiety and disappointments these days and that is actually how I found this blog. Anyway thank you for sharing this to the world. I am so familiar with the feeling such this. I can feel my hopes up a bit after reading this. By the way just like you I also share my thoughts through blogging and that is exactly what i am gonna do now.. Thank you for writing this, it was a true blessing and eased my heart tonight. A good reminder that HIS plans far exceed my expectations. Dear Tara, This was so beautifully written and so honest. As I was reading it I was reminded of a difficult disappointment I went through almost 4 years ago.

So much of what you wrote rang true. I have nothing profound to say just thank you. This is a great encouragement to me in what is the hardest and worst time of my life. But your words have reminded me that God always has something good around the corner. I do indeed have hope in Him. You were so right, I needed to read this right now. Thank you for answering His call to put this up. I found this site tonight after searching in the web for something to help me overcome my anxious fears and disappointments in myself.

I wish I could take it all back and move back to our home we raised the family. I catch myself dreaming about the old home and making comparisons that are driving me nuts. I am depressed and overwhelmed of the dumb move I made. It has caused me to be withdrawn from my family and feeling like I let everyone down.

From God's Heart to Mine

Your post has helped me realize that Gods ways are higher than mine and my mistakes can still be used of God. I still have heavy remorseful feelings for moving the family and get really down with a heavy heart so much that my once cheerful disposition is no longer there. I hope and pray that these feelings will go away.

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  5. Please pray for me. Surely our Heavenly Father never leaves nor forsakes us, I started reading this post with so much heaviness in my heart. But now all I can say is it is well with my soul. My girlfriend told me yesterday that she was looking up verses about overcoming disappointment. I looked up verses for her this afternoon and came across this blog post.

    I just wanted you to know that what God inspired you to do that night in is still impacting people like me and my girlfriend two years later. Thank you for listening to the voice of God and being faithful to share the good word He put on your heart. Thank you so much for these words. It is amazing that you wrote this nearly two and a half years ago and God led me to this today. I started a career in the same field, but a different position. I quickly saw how much I love my job. Recently I put in for a promotion. Shortly after putting in for the promotion I got a call with the opportunity to be able to reach my original lifelong dream career.

    After much thought and prayer, I felt God leading me to turn down this opportunity so I did just that. I felt that at my current position I was where God wants me to be. I am so disappointed and hurt and angry and so many emotions are within me right now. Your words here really helped! I feel like God is using your words to speak to me. But is is very difficult. It is so hard. My favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 3: I do my best and give every effort within me to trust in God and not my own understanding. Thank you so much for these words! You have blessed me today and I feel a little more at ease.

    It is still difficult maybe I am just too impatient — patience has never been my strong point but I know in the end God will prevail and reveal great things for me! Then they turned to tears of relief. Thank the Lord for never failing to remind me in some way. God has a plan for me!!

    I was demoted, discouraged and critisized. And they took my position and give it to my student whom i trained and trust. Every time my manager critisize my job, no mater how hard i try. I end up hating her and feeling sorry for my self. Wish bad thing to happen to her. After reading this msg, i feel better and healed internally.

    I see things in different way. I forgive those i believed they betrayed me and release all the passed pain and i stop feeling sorry for my self. I believe everything happened at the right time and place. And it happened for a reason. And i believe God is preparing something bick for me.

    Thanks Tara for the wonderful article. My canine companion, Lucky passed away two weeks ago. Recurring medical condition hit me again and a lot of my plans have gone awry. Please pray for me too. We fought a lot at home and he eventually left me. I just want the pain to stop and to a good mom to my son, I find myself crying all the time.

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    There is nothing wrong with getting help for yourself. It will make you a better mother and a healthier person. Please get help, if not for your own sake, for the sake of your son. You deserve to be healthy, and he deserves to have a healthy mom. Well, I had to wait until 2 years later at 4: Got sober and we are working on healing but it is slow and loaded with disappointments. Thank you for this wonderful lift. I thank God for you and your blog post, I really do. Your words have provided salve for my open wounds and hurting heart.

    What’s the “More” God Wants for You? - Encouragement for Today - March 26, 2018

    Thank you for providing more than scriptures. Thank you for not telling us to get over it because God loves us, the world needs happy Christians to set examples, etc. I just read your post. I found you blog post. It has helped me extremely. Your disappointment was not in vain. I finally thought God had answered my prayers with this man. We went through a lot over the last 15 months and believed God had allowed us to persevere and overcome. Where is the promise, God?

    Tara, Thank you for allowing God to use you. This definitely ministered to my spirit. They were so real and I could relate. May God continue to use you to bless others! I would love to correspond further. My husband and I just found out that our 17 year old baby girl has been on a self destructive path of sex and drugs for the past 8 weeks. We have worked so hard to give her the best Christian home and raise her and her siblings in the way God has called us to. This has caused me so much disappointment that I cannot even fathom. God is good and He is faithful.

    Tara, God bless you! I pray that he will continue to bless you, keep you and use you. This was such a blessing to me this morning. I woke up feeling so broken and disappointed. I love my husband so much and I thought he loved he as much as I love him…. I year and a half ago I found out he was cheating on, I forgave him.

    He bought a car with out letting me know, opened a back account without me knowing and as you can see the pattern and I can go on and on and on and I forgave him too. I went online and looked up disappointment and this was one of the search result. I cried and I prayed at the same time while I was reading because your encouragement and the scriptures empowered me. This verse is the exact center of the Bible kjv.

    Whenever somebody lets me down, this Scripture comes to mind. It really helps me to keep things in perspective. Thank You for this excellent article! You have no idea what this post has just done for me and I know without a doubt that I was meant to come across it. Thank you my sister in Christ…. Tara, Did you ever think that God would touch so many lives with the precious, thoughtful words you wrote?! I wonder just how many people have read this post and found exactly what God wanted them to find!

    God is so good. You have really encouraged me. Seeing your obedience in taking the time to write these words and how the words have provided much needed encouragement to people with real needs, is so inspiring! When we are faithful with the small things, He will entrust us with much greater things! I had no idea. The comments alone are a beautiful reminder of the enormity of our great God. I never cease to be amazed. Thank God for you have been a blessing to us. It refreshes my soul and joyfully sing hallejujah to the most high God.

    His name is higher. His name is above every names including disappointment. Dear Tara, God bless you for writing how scripture can help with disappointment. I am 3 weeks away from having my youngest daughter her husband and 2 grandsons move cross country. I have another daughter and her family that moved to the west five years ago. We work for the same national company. I had hopes of also relocating west as well. His will be done. However my understanding and acceptance of his will does not make the pain and disappointment less. I witnessed the birth of both children and baby sat the older one for two years.

    Please pray that the Lord will grant me patience. I have had trial after trial for 3 years. I use to be very active in my church and served in leadership in several churches. I lost my job after 22 years at a hospital , due to a failed back surgery and I may be facing another one. Only tonight did I really let myself deal with my disappointment in God. I know that from here he can start to heal my heart and emotions. My home was foreclosed on before Christmas and now The place that God had provided there was a mix up and I have to come up with I and my hubby are with my daughter in a 1 bedroom house with 6 dogs.

    My disability has not been approved yet. Please keep this in prayer. You will never know how much i needed this message at this very moment!! This post was so profound and such a blessing. Thank you for posting. The way you worded your comments were well spoken. I discovered your blog last night. Read through the 13 scriptures several times as I read your comments regarding them. The nature of my disappointment is such that, well I know the effects are going to be around for a while if not for the rest of my life.

    I thank God for you and what HE inspired you to write. You wrote it in and it is still blessing many. I felt myself sinking into extreme sadness and depression. You little blog with its sincere comments and familiar verses has set my feet back on the rock. If God is for us who can be against? Thanks for your obedience that night so long ago. Thank you for your very kind words. I have a post on Bible verses for times when things feel hopeless going up in the morning.

    They may also bring you some peace. Having a hard time with a hurting heart. The feeling of complete disappointment from someone that is suppose to love you and your child. When you wrote this did you ever think 3 years later you would be answering a much needed prayer? I had tried to be grateful for the little things, but the bad just seemed to out weight the good. I am thankful for this today. It was a much needed wake up call.

    God is so good at showing us what we need. We just have to be willing to wipe the tears from our eyes to see what He is doing. It helped me a lot. God is much bigger than my disappointments! Trusting the Lord for He knows everything and He has better plans for me! Thank You so much! Thank you so much for this beautiful post, I was crying all morning about this job that I really wanted. But reading this post, I realised I should not be angry with God for not giving it but grateful that I will gain a unique lesson from it.

    I know my time will come so I leave everything over to him. My disappointment was not getting the job I was sure was meant for me. I liked seeing Ephesians 5: Another verse to add your list could be: Thank you so much for this. I was actually dealing with what i consider a small disappointment actually though i was wallowing about it too long and too loudly. But i feel so blessed to see you sharing this. I already remembered some of the verses, but with you writing them down here, it is a different level of encouragement.

    You made me feel once again that God is really close to those who are broken-hearted and His plan is good. With you too, it seems ure dealing with a much larger disappointment than me. But yes, i believe He is really close to you too my dear, and i pray that you will be given strength and patience and a lot of encouragement and consolation in this stage of life.

    Its okay, ppl have a lot of things to lookout for themselves too. You made me remember again, through this article, that God is ever present, and He cares. Thank you for that, thank you for getting up and writing this article. I feel blessed to have read this, and so grateful for God for the chance. Because of all the lies that she told to different members of the family and never take responsibility of her actions everyone is not getting along.

    I loved her with all my heart, had a great plan for her future but now all is lost. I have prayed,as why me but so much discouraged and disappointed. I am praying for your family. You might seek advice from a Christian counselor. Thanks Suzan for taking your time to write me,maybe the good lord bless you and your family this Christmas!

    I never thought someone I thought loves me so much can hurt me so badly. MY FIANCEE made another lady pregnant and only told me after the child was born and child is 3months when he propose to me he new the lady is pregnant. Iam so hurt and disappointed is painful. I Need GOD to take away the pain. Thank you so much Lord for keeping Tara up in the night so that she could pen these amazing, heartfelt words of encouragement that have ministered deep into my soul today.

    Tara, there have been many who have tried to say the right things during my time of disappointment but I believe that God let me to your blog today because you said exactly what needed to be said. Thank you for opening up your heart and allowing the Lord to minister directly to me through your words. I just read this piece. I am very grateful to you.

    My wedding was cancelled by my partner just a week before the wedding day. She has stopped answering my calls now. In fact this the biggest challenge for me now. I just do not know what to do. I am really gratful. Thank you for this. Sadness and disappointment had me searching for bible verses to strenthen me. Thank you for writing this. Thank you for writing this three years ago. It was well thought out and obvious that you were dealing with disappointments at the time. It helped me organize my thoughts to deal with my disappointments.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this…it is just what I needed right now! God has used you mightily, thank you for the encouragement! Man,… this hit me so hard and made me tear up. I have to be thankful that my disappointments are not as hard as they are for others, but why do I still feel so much hurt? Thanks for this and god bless! I cried a little and smiled some and feel so much better and empowered with the verses you have provided.

    Thank you for your blog, it has helped allot. Thanks so much for your words. Grieving over a terrible hurt from yesterday. Thought that an old cherished relationship was beginning again only to learn that after getting close again that their is someone else in his life. I wish I could have that one special person in my life. Truly heaven sent and so accurate in my life right now.

    God bless you and your ministry. Reading this really hit home…. As I was scrolling through years of comments I realized how important your words are, not just to me, but to so many. Thank you for doing what you do. Had never thought to allow myself to grieve over disappointments. I feel like I have a plan to move forward. She moved in with a convicted felon and became pregnant within 3 months after aborting that child and choose to have his. While my son did win primary and custody All glory to God still she continues with harassment, mistreatment to the children yes, she still gets visitation despite her behavior and her live in is a violent felon with convictions of assault and other charges.

    I have prayed so hard for an end to this without harm to anyone. Yet it continues and she comes out without any responsibilities and smelling like a rose. We just request an ending. Peace to move forward in all the healing. My hope and confidence is still in God. It is entirely different, but I wrote about being mad at God in another post. It might bring you some comfort. Pray for me dear ones. I have received alot of dissapointing words from close family members…. Yes… Even my mother says some very hurting words cos of my financial strains.

    That God will expand our territory so I can forget my difficult times. I am sad that I am so used to disappointment that I just automatically expect it these days. It seems that I have had tragedy after tragedy in my life. When things are good I do not enjoy the feeling because I know the other shoe is going to drop. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I release my everything to Him. Bad things just keep coming and coming. I pray every day that the devil loses his grip on my life.

    I lost my first husband to suicide, then his father committed suicide 7 years later, but before he killed himself he wrote his two grandchildren from my husband out of his will. My daughter has a congenital heart defect, my son suffers from mental instability and has been raped and molested by a family member, he has struggled with addiction, jail time and just basically functioning.

    I just want life to stop and give me a break for a minute…. I found out yesterday that my little brother got his girlfriend pregnant. I am so hurt, disappointed and heartbroken. We have no money and my mum who is a single mother has been struggling to pay our college fees. We are four kids. I am sad about what this means for his moral character.

    I am also burdened by what society and the external family will think. We live in Africa, where this sort of thing is unacceptable in our culture. My mother is disappointed as well because she has been through so much, the loss of both her parents, followed shortly by the loss of her husband our dad.

    Then a couple of years later her only brother dies as well. I am worried about my mum because I feel her life has been a series of disappointments. And when she expects her kids to bring her good news for a change, my brother goes and does this. I am sorry for my long comment, but I just needed to tell somebody. Thank you for this because as I read it, it gave me a sense of peace. I will keep reading it each time I start to get anxious again. Thank you so much and I pray God helps you through whatever you may be facing.

    To those that keep their eyes on Him, He is faithful. Hi Jake, i was born and brought up in Africa and i know exactly what you mean. Just keep encouraging your mum and talk to your brother. I believe something good will come out of all this. This too shall come to pass. God is surely working behind the scene and a break through is just at the corner. I googled for scripture for disappobtmrment and this blog came up from years ago to present.

    I know about an unexpected pregnancy in a loved ones life. It is shock and many disappointment. Hecwill restore Allllll that was lost or stolen! I u derstand the worry of how society might judge and the struggle but The Word says that when one repents and changes their ways God is faithful and just and forgives us of alll our sin and washes away the unrightness. I ve had more than my share of dissapointment in my life. And just reading the original blog when you said Ask God why this happened gave my soul grounding as I remember to tell Him how I feel.

    But your blog shows me this is not uncommon to man. My child and grandchildren are beautiful and healthy. We have a home a job vacations church …… things are not how I want in family and relationships but God Has A plan!! Where do i begin, i really feel like im going out of control my lease is up in our apartment my husband is working as hard as he can i have two children one has many disabilities, have no placeto live when we leave here no family to help behind in my car payment found a place just dont have enough money to get in behind in mycar payment checking overdrawn i am very over whelmed not sure where to tuen then came across this and seeing your hope and others i am not giving up ohhh lord no i am not giving up thank you for writing your post.

    Ever since I can remember I have had a childlike faith in God. Raised in a wonderful church, I have always been active, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, playing the piano, and trying to use the talents and abilities God gave me for His glory. I have always felt strong in the Lord and believed He would guide me. It seems everywhere I turn someone is showing me their new home or telling me about their wonderful trip … the fun they are having in retirement.

    I feel like a weak, sad version of that young Christian person I used to be. Often I cry as I pray, just begging and pleading for help of some sort … for a way out of this trap. Day after day after day. Tired of being depressed and disappointed … tired of running until I drop … tired of being tired and down all the time. Where are you, Lord? And now I feel abandoned. I was in need of HELP for my relationship. Me and my ex boyfriend has been dating for 2years. The cause of us breaking up is because I was listening to what people say about him and I started accusing him of cheating.

    We broke up for two months. We never after the incidence. But I really want him back but idk what to do.

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    Thank you for allowing God to use you. The reward of being obedient saves many souls …God bless you. I found the scriptures helpful. After earnest prayers, no answer. At that point, one become discouraged especially when people around you begin to mock you. At this point in my life I am very discouraged. My dream was to teach school and it is like God has shut every door to where it never works out. I have given up. I have prayed but I hear or see nothing. This is so helpful to me. I have had several disappointments over the last 7 years. Moving forward has been quite the challenge when it seems like you keep getting hit with one thing after another.

    I will definitely have to draw nigh to God and have this mindset to thrive again. Thanks so much for allowing God to use you in this capacity. Thank you for your words, I really needed to hear them tonight. My husband passed when I was 30, then I was diagnosed with MS when I was 35, shortly after that I lost my job and had to move back home. Was running out of money and had to move in with my parents. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    Notify me of new posts by email. Think I missed some? LOL Bill cycelguy recently posted.. You always crack me up, Bill. Two is the perfect number for a Sunday message. That conversation between Peter and Jesus has long been very important to me. Jesus challenged me with that question about 25 years ago. One of those epiphany moments. I love your list of the 10 ways we can love God with our all. Going to print them out as my daily reminder. Martha Orlando recently posted.. All My Senior Moments. Yes, there are incredible and intense experiences God will lead us into, but relationship is also having the right mindset and doing the work by His grace, of course.

    Jason Stasyszen recently posted.. Are You Fully Invested? This was a very good post!!! Today I mde up my mind to ask the Holy Spirit to control my mind everyday. I need to focus on God, and His promises. Thank you for sharing this, I needed it! Lenae, Thank you so much for visiting. It needs to be my daily prayer. Setting Him as my first priority and trusting that with His help all things are possible.

    Great post as always, Deb! And the strength definition — love in action. Love all the Scripture you included. Thanks for your kind encouragement Ruthie! I was asked to review it last year and it was one of my favorites. I spend time in Bible Study and prayer every day, but to really clear my mind and sit in His presence is harder. My mind often feels like a pinball machine of thoughts. Clearing that clutter is only done by His grace and with His help. Enjoy a blessing-filled day my friend.

    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls
    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls
    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls
    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls
    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls
    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls
    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls
    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls
    From Gods Heart to Mine : For the Encouragement of Your Souls

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