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8/20/2017 · Jeff Crawford

We had to get away from the institution of church to find God. Now we have Jesus and lots of real relationships. For us, a real key has been to try not to duplicate the way anything is done at church outside the church. It is a big mistake to assume that any of it works outside organized religion.

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I have had one or two other thoughtd sin my last posting. I wonder if it woudl be OK to shere them here. Or if you find it not in keeping with the ethos of yout blog here, the mutual submission, dignified dialogue, fighting for each other, empowement, love etc and I will endeavour to change what I do for future posts. You mentioend you hate being vulnerable and talking of refeshing souls with God, missing God for yourslef all the time — inspiration that was tangible and accesible.

Then also getting to expereince God in all kinds of ways in the refuge and then being busy for others and your family that you neglect your own longing for God. What this shouts out to me is approval. Approval of others in the rufuge and family.


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Are you driven by wanting to appear to be the good Christian woman, an old habit coming back maybe, so you will be liked and held up in the refuge and with your family? Do you feel you can be loved by others and God in a way that you are towards those in the refuge and your family? Do you feel you have to earn love? Can you allow yourself to be loved just for you? And can you give room to others to be of help for you so they can ge the same kind of joy that you get from helping others?

Can I be cheeky and suggest a challenge? Just one thing in the next couple of days? Someone I was dating last year appeared to be stong and felt strong and doing everything a Christina should. I assured her that she was OK the way she was, and that I could see God working in her life and for her not to worry.

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We may feel, of course, that if we were in charge of creation we would manage it better. We would retain the good and eliminate the bad! However, the balance and relatedness of all things shows that it is not as easy as we might suppose to make such changes if the universe is to remain subject to its own underlying lawful regularity enabling the human species to survive.

Of course it is possible to conceive of a world in which God intervened on every occasion cancer cells formed so as to eliminate the disease by direct action: Pace Shakespeare, the world is not a stage but a process in which everything that exists, has existed or will exist is intrinsically interdependent. We are linked symbiotically not only to the impersonal flow of nature but also to all other living beings, to others and to God.

Even our names are given to us, symbolising the fact that we are descendent from and dependent on others for our very existence. While we tend to think of ourselves as unique, as separate individuals over against nature and other people, it is only in and through our relationships with others that we become persons. Inextricably linked to others, we are also inextricably linked to the impersonal flow of the natural world. As an individual one never outgrows this basic solidarity with everything and everyone else. Our lives are always personal and inter-personal and because, and only because, we are linked to planet earth do we exist at all.

The first ping into being of the first hydrogen atom ex nihilo , unthinkable and violently radical though that was, cannot be enough for love — any more than looking at a new-born baby, or spotting someone seriously fanciable at a party can be enough; you desire the thing or person you love to display more and more of what it is to be, what they are in the process of becoming, to change and grow and respond. It is only in this context of this extraordinary activity that we can truly rejoice in the generosity of our God; that we can live free from fear; that we can choose love and participation and joy; that we can realise what we have truly been given.

But we are still left with the basic question of how to reconcile human suffering in all its ugliness with a God of love. One of the problems is that God seems to be above and beyond human suffering. Classical theology, based on Greek thought, speaks of God as unmoved Pure Being.

Missing God!!! ( When will we be one??? )

It says that God cannot suffer or be directly affected by suffering. Even when speaking of Jesus, classical theology will say that he suffered only in his human nature, not in his divine nature. The fact that suffering and evil are not prevented by God means, not that God wills them directly, but that God permits them to happen for some purpose; to punish wrongdoing, to test character, to educate or form personality or to bring about some greater good.

But it is hard to see how suffering that destroys the lives of very young children, for example, is a just punishment, tests character, educates in any way, or brings about some greater good. There is even a radical suffering that affects people so that they no longer exercise any freedom, feel any affection, have any hope or feel any love. The idea of God being unaffected by the barbarous excesses of human suffering simply cannot be tolerated.

If God could stop all this suffering but does not, how can God be called good or loving? A God who is unaffected by human pain hardly merits love and affection in return. However, the God of Jesus Christ is not some lofty, apathetic deity but a compassionate God, rejoicing in our joys and suffering with us when we suffer but, of course, in ways far beyond our understanding.

Monomyth: Dragon God & Missing God

Love is giving and receiving in mutual relationships. Such is the very essence of love. Books , God , Theology. Everyone is called to invest in key relationships whether it be our immediate family, spiritual children, mentors, or key people we are called to "do life" with. The enemy would love for all of us to put programs before people, because at the end of the day the only thing we will take with us into eternity are people not programs, real estate, money or the material things in life.

When you have no quality time for those key relationships, then most likely you are suffering from mission drift.

The missing God who is not missed

We need to proactively pursue those people who are the most important to us in life. The enemy of best is usually something good. The enemy does not come in a red suit with a pitchfork; he comes as an angel of light. Hence, one of his greatest strategies is to get you so focused on doing something good for God or your family that it blinds you to what is best. To avoid mission drift we always have to keep first things first and keep the main thing the main thing.

Missing God

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Do not question others' faith just because you disagree with them.

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