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Chaucer and the Subversion of Form. How Soon Is Now? Medievalia et Humanistica, No. Universal History and the Making of the Global. An Avant-garde Theological Generation.

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The Genre of Medieval Patience Literature. The Education of Henry Adams. Foundations of Modern Historical Thought. Consolation in Medieval Narrative. The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Romance. Palimpsests and the Literary Imagination of Medieval England. Memory and Community in Sixteenth-Century France. The Cambridge Companion to Proust. Rethinking the New Medievalism. Politics and the Passions, The Roman de la rose in its Philosophical Context.

Paraphrase on Luke 1 to The Art of Vision. Frame Narrative and Political Allegory. Essays on World Literature. Neither Angel nor Beast. Reading Skin in Medieval Literature and Culture. A Shrouded World 2: But he brilliantly exploited the sensation achieved with the first instalment of Tristram Shandy to become, by his death in , a fashionable celebrity across Europe.

In this Companion, specially commissioned essays by leading scholars provide an authoritative and accessible guide to Sterne's writings in their historical and cultural context. Exploring key issues in his work, including sentimentalism, national identity, gender, print culture and visual culture, as well as his subsequent influence on a range of important literary movements and modes, the book offers a comprehensive new account of Sterne's life and work. The Best Books of Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Looking for beautiful books?

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Other books in this series. The Cambridge Companion to T. Table of contents Chronology; Introduction Thomas Keymer; 1. Laurence Sterne's life, milieu, and literary career Ian Campbell Ross; 2. Law, Family, and Women: Toward a Legal Anthropology of Renaissance Italy. Illegitimacy in Renaissance Florence. Heirs, Kin, and Creditors in Renaissance Florence. Geneva La Via, S. The Craft of Art: Athens GA Lanaro, P.

At the Centre of the Old World: Trade and Manufacturing in Venice and the Venetian Mainland, — Comento sopra la Commedia ed. Paolo Procaccioli , 4 vols. Andrea Barbarigo, Merchant of Venice, — The Collected Papers of F. Money and Banking in Medieval and Renaissance Venice, vol. Coins and Moneys of Account. Astrology and Medicine, East and West 99— Leiden Leonardo da Vinci a. Palermo Leone de Castris, P. Arte di corte nella Napoli angioina. Antonio Gardano, Venetian Music Printer — A Descriptive Bibliography and Historical Study, 2 vols.

New York Liddell, H. A Greek—English Lexicon eds. Stuart Jones and R. New Haven Ligorio, P. Libro di diversi terremoti ed. Scritti sulle arti ed. Ciardi , 2 vols. A Critical Guide to the Complete Works — Selected Prose of Ludovico Ariosto. Tempe AZ Lopez, P. It movimento valdesiano a Napoli. Il movimento valdesiano a Napoli: Florence Lotz, W Architecture in Italy, — intro. New Haven Lowry, M. The World of Aldus Manutius: Business and Scholarship in Renaissance Venice. Milan under Galeazzo Maria Sforza. An Economic History of Italy: Anatomies de Mondino dei Luzzi et de Guido de Vigevano ed.

Discorso intorno alla nostra lingua ed.

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The Creation of a Renaissance City. Ithaca NY Mack, R. Islamic Trade and Italian Art, — The Cultures of Italy, c. Mercanti lombardi tra Barcellona e Valenza nel basso medioevo. The Kingdom of Sicily, — Philadelphia Malpezzi Price, P. Women and Life in Sixteenth-Century Venice. Madison NJ Malvasia, C. The Fat Wood-Worker trans. New York Manetti, G. Vite di Dante, Petrarca e Boccaccio ed. The Origins of the Orlando Furioso. Columbia MO Marini, Q. La fine del Cinquecento e il Seicento — Pastoral Economics in the Kingdom of Naples.

Classical Tradition and Humanist Innovation. Cambridge MA Marshall, P. The Local Merchants of Prato: Small Entrepreneurs in the Late Medieval Economy. Le nozze del Principe: Renaissance Meteorology from Pomponazzi to Descartes. City—States in Renaissance Italy. New York Mattingly, G. New York Maxwell, R. The Art of Medieval Urbanism: Parthenay in Romanesque Aquitaine. A Global History of Cotton Textiles, — 63— Linguistic Theories in Dante and the Humanists: Glassmaking in Renaissance Venice: Print, Manuscript and the Search for Order, — Literary Imitation in the Italian Renaissance: The Rational Surgery of the Middle Ages.

Evolution of a Tradition. Aspetti della vita economica medievale. De arte gymnastica ed. The Pulpit and the Press in Reformation Italy. Cambridge MA Migliorini, B. Storia della lingua italiana. The Darker Side of the Renaissance: Literacy, Territoriality, and Colonization. The Renaissance from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo: The Representation of Architecture. Minority Groups in Premodern Italy.

The Majesty of State: The Silk Industry of Renaissance Venice. La seta in Italia dal Medioevo al Seicento: Marriage Alliance in Late Medieval Florence. Cambridge MA Mollaret, H. The Complete Works of Montaigne: Essays, Travel Journal, Letters trans. New York Monte, A. Renaissance to Baroque ed. Florence Mortara Garavelli, B. Storia della punteggiatura in Europa. Lorenzo Lotto e le Marche: The Venetian Money Market: Banks, Panics, and the Public Debt.

Civic Ritual in Renaissance Venice. The Culture Wars of the Late Renaissance: Skeptics, Libertines, and Opera. Cambridge MA Munro, J.

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History and Warfare in Renaissance Epic. New York Nagler, A. Theater Festivals of the Medici — A History of Florence, — Italy in the Age of the Renaissance. Poetry and Theory in the Spanish Renaissance. Nuovo corpus di sacre rappresentazioni fiorentine del Quattrocento.

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Plays in Churches in Fifteenth-Century Florence, 2 vols. The Madrigal at Ferrara, —, 2 vols. Alchemy and the Quest to Perfect Nature. The Seed that Fell among Thorns? Andreas Vesalius of Brussels, — Trent and All That: Renaming Catholicism in the Early Modern Era. The Business of Art: Contracts and the Commissioning Process in Renais- sance Italy. New Haven Omaggio a Lorenzo Lotto Teoria della novella e teoria del riso nel Cinquecento.

The Merchant of Prato: Francesco di Marco Datini, — New York Outram, D. Sansepolcro, Arezzo Padgett, J. Humanism in Italian Renaissance Musical Thought. Documentary Studies and Translations. New Haven Palmer, R. Renaissance and Renascences in Western Art, 2nd edn. New York Park, K. Doctors and Medicine in Early Renaissance Florence. Nature and the Disciplines in Renaissance Europe — Gender, Generation, and the Origins of Human Dissection.

The Cambridge History of Science. Philology and the Afterlife of Tradition. Girolamo Fracastoro fra medicina, filosofia e scienze della natura. The Architectural Treatise in the Italian Renaissance: Architectural Inven- tion, Ornament, and Literary Culture. Humanism and the Urban World: Leon Battista Alberti and the Renaissance City.

Studies in Renaissance Grammar. Savoirs, culture et politique. Emilia e Marche nel Rinascimento: Chapel Hill Pertile, L. La nave di Ermete: The Coronation Oration, in E. Cambridge MA Petrina, A. Writers and Readers in Medieval Italy: Studies in the History of Written Culture ed. New Haven Pettas, W.

The Giunti of Florence: Merchant Publishers of the Sixteenth Century. The Spinelli of Florence: Fortunes of a Renaissance Merchant Family. The Memoir of Marco Parenti: A Life in Medici Florence. Drama and Painting in Renaissance Italy. London Pico della Mirandola, G. Disputationes adversus astrologiam divinatricem ed. Eugenio Garin , 2 vols. Oration on the Dignity of Man: A New Translation and Commentary eds. Cambridge Pico della Mirandola, G. The First Voyage around the World, — A Geneology of Florentine Art. New Haven Pine, M.

Radical Philosopher of the Renaissance. Liber epigrammatum graecorum, ed. Cities at War in Early Modern Europe. Early Modern Italy — ed. Guarini, la musica, i musicisti. On the Immortality of the Soul [De immortalitate animae] trans. Randall , in Cassirer et al. Il fato, il libero arbitrio e la predestinazione ed.

Copying and the Italian Renaissance Print.

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New Haven and London Poni, C. Cambridge MA Popkin, R. The History of Scepticism from Savonarola to Bayle. Oxford and New York Preti, C. La fortuna dei primitivi dal Vasari ai neoclassici. Un corpo e due anime: Morphology of the Folktale trans. Austin TX Prosperi, A. Il Concilio di Trento: Romeo and Juliet before Shakespeare: An Annotated Translation of the Theoretical Chapters eds. Il discorso labirintico del dialogo rinascimentale. Le mal de Naples. Histoire de la syphilis. Il naso di Laura. Lingua e poesia lirica nella tradizione del Classicismo.

Castiglione, il libro, la storia. Battaglia Ricci, and R. La corte e lo spazio: Ferrara estense, 3 vols. The Gubbio Studiolo and its Conservation, vol. New York Ramusio, G. Venice —, 3 vols. Cambridge MA Rauch, J. New York Reinhard, W. Il Rinascimento in Italia. Bologna Ricci, M Inquisitori, censori, filosofi sullo scenario della Controriforma. Print Culture in Renaissance Italy: The Editor and the Vernacular Text, — Printing, Writers and Readers in Renaissance Italy. Manuscript Culture in Renaissance Italy. An Anthology of Primary Sources.

Malden MA Rizzo, S. Il lessico filologico degli umanisti. Ricerche sul latino umanistico. Printing a Mediterranean World: Florence, Constantinople, and the Renais- sance of Geography. Cambridge MA Robin, D. Homosexuality and Male Culture in Renaissance Florence. Ann Arbor Rosenberg, C. Le fila del tempo: Italian Architecture of the Sixteenth Century. New York Rowland, I.

The Culture of the High Renaissance: Ancients and Moderns in Sixteenth-Century Rome. Early Modern Europe 84— New Haven Rubin, P. The Art of the s. Teatri prima del teatro: Art without an Author: New York Ruggiero, G. Violence in Early Renaissance Venice. The Boundaries of Eros: Sex Crime and Sexuality in Renaissance Venice. A Companion to the Worlds of the Renaissance. Sex, Self, and Society in the Italian Renaissance. The Italian Renaissance Imagery of Inspiration: Metaphors of Sex, Sleep, and Dreams. Cambridge Ruzante [Angelo Beolco] Tiozzo Gobetto and intro.

The Petrobelli Altarpiece 59— Women, Language, and Grammar in Italy. Storia della letteratura italiana. The Italian Merchant in the Middle Ages. New York Saslow, J. The Medici Wedding of Florentine Festival as Theatrum Mundi. New Haven Scafi, A. A History of Heaven on Earth. Aristotle in the Renaissance. The Aristotelian Tradition and Renaissance Universities. The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy. Art and Anatomy in Renaissance Italy. Ann Arbor Scott, J.

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La prosa del Duecento. Milan Seidel Menchi, S. Erasmo in Italia, — Turin Seidel Menchi, S. Cambridge MA Serlio, S. Sebastiano Serlio on Architecture eds. New Haven Seta, C. Collaboration in Italian Renaissance Art. Art and the Spectator in the Italian Renaissance. Painters in Lombardy — 65— Essays in Macro- sociology 3— The Mapping of the World: Early Printed World Maps, — Maestri e tipografi a Brescia, — Arts and Sciences at Padua: The Studium of Padua before Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine: An Introduction to Knowledge and Practice.

The Clock and the Mirror: Girolamo Cardano and Renaissance Medicine.

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Visions of Politics, 3 vols. Architecture in the Culture of Early Humanism: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Eloquence — Metastudies in the Humanities and Social Sciences 6. Writing the Scene of Speaking: Theories of Dialogue in the Late Italian Renaissance. Vita di Torquato Tasso, 3 vols. Geografie politiche italiane tra Medio Evo e Rinascimento. Dialogo delle lingue, in Opere ed. Money and Its Use in Medieval Europe. Roman Monarchy and the Renaissance Prince. Tempe AZ Starn, R. The Renaissance in Rome. The Geography of Strabo, 8 vols.

Le piacevoli notti ed. Nuns and Nunneries in Renaissance Florence. The Selected Letters of Alessandra Strozzi ed. Source Readings in Music History, vol. New York Stuard, S. Luxury and Fashion in Fourteenth-Century Italy. Lingua, dialetto, e letteratura.

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    The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature) The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
    The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature) The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
    The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature) The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
    The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature) The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
    The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature) The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
    The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature) The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
    The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature) The Cambridge Companion to Rabelais (Cambridge Companions to Literature)

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