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Our institutions are also being attacked. Rather, they are affirmations of Brand America. Criticism of the ad misses the point. This is cultural branding at its best. Critics are quick to point out that the message is negative , but that is the first step in solving a problem — facing it squarely. The Adolphus Busch story is part truth, part fiction.

Budweiser might have let the commercial speak for itself, as it racked up views on YouTube, recognizing that it is nearly impossible to police interpretation. The frantic damage control has not only diminished the potential power of the ad but it left Anheuser-Busch looking feckless and craven—frightened of what is mostly a tepid and scattered call from some Trump supporters on social media to boycott the beer.

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The world is more beautiful the more you accept. Just as they are forcing people to take political action. Citizenship of all flavors is blossoming. The US citizen has awoken. And she is waking up US business.

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They interpreted those pressures into best business practices that have slowly been seeping into the mainstream of business practice. The euro, Cadillac, Campbells, Outback Steakhouse, Crocs, and the Clintons are all brands whose stakeholders have decided to milk them while their owners see better places to invest.

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If the US were a company, it would appear that its board fiduciaries for stakeholders had consciously decided to harvest the brand. Adding a trillion in debt and not making the requisite investments in the brand association of moral leadership when the economy is strong are the equivalent of a private-equity guy on your board deciding: It all comes down to one question: Is the US a growing or mature brand?

However, there is also a large cohort of people, from both parties, who believe the US is a growth brand that warrants continued investment.

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Fiscal responsibility and moral leadership are expensive, and worth it. The US needs to suspend all arms sales, freeze assets and impose sanctions against Saudi Arabia. The easiest way to validate this notion is to call on millions of neurons, informed by the history and code of the strongest brand in the world, the US. How to summon the neurons? Easy, think of two words: Life is so rich.

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When it comes to individual countries, there is a stark difference in perceptions of Trump between countries such as Germany, Israel, Russia, Mexico and Canada. A median of 56 per cent of Israelis also say they have a confidence in the President.

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Germany has seen a dramatic drop from 86 per cent favourable under Obama to 11 per cent for Trump. Ratings have also plummeted in Mexico and Canada — where Trump has the lowest confidence of a US leader in 15 years. See the full results here.

Brand America Brand America
Brand America Brand America
Brand America Brand America
Brand America Brand America
Brand America Brand America

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