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Being as Hawk was bare-chested, at first Randi thought she was being attacked by an Indian warrior. Well, daddy did not like his daughter being in the presence of a half-naked man. And as time progressed the attraction between him and Randi grew. I liked the little side bit about Crown Candy Kitchen and its owners. Hawk and Jack were getting close to the gang operations and got shot. Randi was kidnapped and in the rescuing the Phantom shows up and helps Hawk catch up with her and Pete, which leads to going to the Comanche village. Randi gets a little compatition for Hawk's attentions by one Indian maid.

And jealosie from one warrior who wanted to prove that he could tame the Phantom. All in all, a most excellent story - great characters - very good moving plot - Definitely Recommend -m This maybe a keeper for some. One person found this helpful. The Halfbreed Warrior is a pure Bobbi Smith and a wild romantic ride. In s Texas, Hawk Morgan can never forget the death of his wife at the hands of the Apaches. When an offer comes to work uncover tracking rustlers at the Lazy S, he accepts. Things get off to a bad start when the young boy he rescues from a runaway horse, is the owner's daughter.

Randi Stockton can ride and shoot as well as any man, but things will never be the same after Hawk Morgan comes to the ranch. She finds dresses can make all the difference as she contemplates a future with the reclusive ranch hand. Evil forces conspire against the Lazy S, leaving Randi kidnapped and Hawk searching for her. Smith's storytelling ability is known far and wide. This is another strong tale from her that will have you reading all night till there are no pages to left to turn.

I love this book. I love the detail, the romance, the plot that carries you through the whole book. If you are looking for a good western, this is your book. See all 6 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Seeing that she didn't look menacing, he dropped the demonic power, and stood up. As he did, he noticed that he only had on a hospital gown. Rose looked towards him, but he shot her a look, so she backed down.

His eyes cast outside of the window, and looked at the beautiful city before him. He didn't quite understand it, but it looked to be from the Norse. His eyes scanned, and saw beautiful big building's, and small building's alike. He even saw that there was a waterfall in the far distance. I mean, technically, this place is called As in, being of a human, the sunlight, and the Devil, the moonlight, so what's wrong with my name exactly?

I'm proud to have my name. Forgive me, I hadn't heard such a name before. Since I haven't really ever gone to the human world before Like, you have three names. Maybe they're looking for me So you can either move, or I'll just have to I don't want to hurt you, I don't want to hurt anyone, I just want to go home to my parents I wanna go home to my Kaa-chan and Tou-chan She didn't even need to hear his words to know that, since his body told a story that a thousand words couldn't.

No one's going to hurt you. He was surprised that she knew what he was. Then again, he didn't know how long he was out for. What they could have done to him. What experiments that they could have done to his body. He didn't care either way, because he wasn't going to be used by anyone.

I'm not asking for anything fantastic, tell me how to get out of this place, and then I can go to my home again As he said that, the door opened to reveal two men. One was an old man who had a long beard, and a monocle it seemed. And the other was a younger man who had blue hair, and they both were dressed in fancy robes.

Gasper came shooting through the door, and latched onto him. He smiled lightly, petting the back of her head gently. The first one looked to be kind, if not have a weird expression on his face. The second one however was someone who the boy felt more malice from than any enemy he had felt before. Something about his cold eyes, could freeze him instantly. Rossweisse quickly stood up, as Odin moved inside. The boy tactically put himself near Rossweisse along with Gasper, just in case something was going to happen, though the chances of that, Akira didn't know. He knew he couldn't fight these two, they simply were too insane levels of power that radiated from them.

The one that the Valkyrie who's years equal the time she has been single, or something like that, right Rossweisse? Isn't that what your classmates say about you? Rossweisse put a hand to her mouth, and tears formed at the base of her eyes, something that the boy didn't quite understand. I am studying me best! I am doing it! I don't have time for a boyfriend!

The Devil in the room thought " Why would she need a boyfriend at her age? And why take it so seriously? Rossweisse here might be weird, but you could date her. And people better not mess me around because I am a child! I say we ship him off immediately along with that Vampire. The way that the man said it, the boy felt something very cold in his tone. And since he directed anger towards Gasper, he held her very close, and protectively. And they're children, I hardly doubt they're going to cause problems. Besides, Gondul vouches for them as well, and Rossweisse here hasn't even left the room since he came here those many days ago.

Also, it seems that there's holy power within you. Is it the ability to use it? To wield Holy Swords? Well, it would be interesting to find out. The Devil boy wasn't really understanding what was being said. He didn't much care. All that he cared about was that he was. I wanna go home with Gasper-chan So, I can't do it. If you can point me in the right direction, then I'll leave like that guy there wants.

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Anyone of us would be guarded when going to a new place, and would lash out. He had visions of that time again.

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The time they burst down the doors, and seeing his mother crying, and that man with brown hair, and a sword that had blood on it. He envisioned in, and sweat began to pool down his face, as well as some tears forming in his eyes, which Gasper kindly wiped away, making him smile down at her. Wanting to defend himself, and put up blockades, he turned his head to the side, and refused to answer. So, he is your Uncle! Well, looking at your face, you do look like him. Quite a handsome child huh.

I am sure Rossweisse here-". And if not Rossweisse, there are quite a few girls your age who have had boyfriends. Not a problem for Rossweisse though who's age-". Rossweisse broke down into tears, Odin chuckled, while Loki rolled his eyes. The Devil boy looked towards Odin. Looking kind of cool, and aloof, Rossweisse's eyes turned towards him, and burned into her memory about this event, and how he stood up for her. Okay, that sounds good, progress Rossweisse, I'll get you a boyfriend yet. Stay here, and we'll be back soon. Also, while you're here, you'll understand if I leave some guards outside.

It is abnormal for a Devil child to be here. So, you being here might cause some to become rowdy, this is for your own protection as well, just in case. But, relax, and take in the sights once you're done recovering. I heard from the doctors, you have broken ribs, and other things. Gondul said that it would have been excruciating for you to run around like you did. You must have a very high pain tolerance. Odin could see wisdom behind his eyes. Even if he was young, he still looked to be wise beyond his years, battle hardened. And for that, Odin actually genuinely felt sympathy for the child, not wanting to see a child of that age suffering, regardless if he was a Devil, or anything else.

I could go for some food. Loki on the other hand, smirked down at the boy, and he glared back. Loki walked towards the bed, and produced a knife with some magic. He looked at the knife, and then looked back at Loki, seeing a sadistic smirk that was on his face, while Gasper shivered immensely. Clearly, he wanted to see the pain of others. Especially his own at this moment. Loki wanted to see a Devil suffer, but he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

You know, being a half breed and all. You wont be accepted by the Devils, and the humans wont ever look at you like their own kind. You're nothing, to no one, and lets face it, even if your parents are alive, would they want this defective thing back that's not even a single thing? If that's what you say.

Sorry, I wont be killing myself, find your amusement somewhere else, Loki. Loki felt anger at that moment, and wanted to take it out on the boy You could say "I am the almighty God Loki-sama, and a peasant like you has no right not to speak to me! Anymore nonsense and I'll have my followers behead you! Because, even if Odin was being kind, he sensed evil within Loki, and because of that evil, he didn't intend to ever hold himself back.

Maybe it was crazy, he was beyond the point of caring at this point to care about what Loki wanted. But I don't take kindly to threats either. I've been through hell this past year. If you're a God, why are you bothering with a half breed like me exactly? Loki's eyes became enraged. The mere thought that this boy wasn't either respectful, or fearful, gave him anger that couldn't be quelled immediately.

I am a God, and you, aren't even a Devil, or human. You should show more respect. There are people that deserve respect, but for someone to come in here, and tell a child to kill himself because you either want amusement or pleasure from my death, you don't deserve any respect from me.

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Odin-sama, however, despite being rude to Rossweisse-san, at least has a nice presence, and does garner respect. There's evil in your heart, I don't respect evil. Loki left the room as Rossweisse walked back in with a tray of food. Briefly, Rossweisse noticed Loki had narrowed eyes, and she wondered why that was. Rossweisse looked at him, as he made a joking mock of her country dialect, while petting the back of the frightened Gasper's head. He saluted, allowing himself to relax a little bit.

He didn't sense danger besides Loki and he doubted Loki would try anything now so he could become calmer than before, staying with Gasper helped as well. The next day, Akira was allowed more freedom with movement. His body was healing at a rapid rate. The injuries had been more than the others had thought, but he still was a fighter, and managed to get back on his feet.

She even now, was asleep on the bed. Her head rested on the mattress at the end. Though he didn't quite understand, he did find it, soothing that she was staying around. Though with how she treated him, she didn't quite understand it either. As he sat there, watching Rossweisse sleep and Gasper slept within his arms as well, he saw the door open.

Instincts kicked in and he grabbed a knife from nearby Rossweisse stayed asleep along with Gasper, something that Akira never could understand how people could. Odin waved his hand as two women Valkyrie's stepped inside with him. He also saw that Odin kept looking at them with lecherous eyes, or rather eye since Odin's other eye if he had one Akira didn't know was hidden, and rolled his own eyes at the sight.

I haven't met a half Devil child before that also has human inside of him Maybe she's intrigued by you. Maybe it is because you and her met under weird circumstances. Whatever the case is, it seems to be something quite, fantastic, doesn't it? This girl, Rossweisse, I have my eye on her, she is quite the studious person, and could be a potential asset to me one day. Which apparently matters here. Akira didn't know if that was true or not. But he didn't sense any malice behind this man's words.

And by the way, as a fellow man, I want your opinion on something. Odin adopted a perverted expression and pointed at the two ladies beside him The child that he was, Akira naturally became embarrassed, and the women didn't look like they were doing much better either. I always ask everyone I know this, and now I know you young Akira, what is your opinion? Do you find bigger boobs more attractive, or are you a butt man? Odin did a spit take, which stirred Rossweisse awake but surprisingly Gasper didn't wake up.

She saw that Odin was pointing between the women's female assets. Rossweisse's cheeks became red with embarrassment, and she turned her head to the side, to see Akira's weirded out face. I-I wont even say anything at all! I don't think about those things! I wanted to know more about you The pair smiled at one another, and talked happily together.

Less strain came between them as they talked. Though there was a little tension in the air, it didn't deter them and allowed them to continue to speak normally together. Even when Gasper woke up, they all had a good time together. Several days later, Rossweisse was walking along the city with Akira and Gasper, who had finally been discharged from the hospital, and Gondul walked close by, being amused by the sights of the pair walking together.

She didn't say anything, but she was glad that Rossweisse had someone to be social with. Rossweisse and Akira had become a little friendlier with one another since the time that he was within the hospital, to the point that they could speak naturally together, and truthfully, Akira was glad that he could speak to people normally, as he usually only spoke to Gasper, who he did enjoy very much, but he did often wonder how his social skills were becoming. He questioned, while Gasper looked up towards him, seeing him smiling down at her, which in turn made her smile brightly. I suppose you could say I was scared I've not had the easiest of times for a while now.

I haven't been able to trust many people, and the people I have trusted, either disappeared, or have turned on me, and tried to kill me in one way or another. Well, besides Gasper-chan here of course. Where she was being chased constantly, she couldn't understand why anyone would want to hurt a child, and do something like that. What she saw on his body, the shape he was in when they met one another. It just seemed so insane that it didn't matter.

He looked around and saw a bunch of females around his age, giggling and waving towards him. He didn't know what to do, so he ended up giving an awkward wave right back towards them.

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I had to be a secret, from the world But, in the end…. Rossweisse bites her lower lip, and shows a teary eyed expression, something Akira wasn't prepared for. They keep saying because I don't have a boyfriend, that I am already past the marrying age! That means, no one is going to look at me like they want me as their girlfriend!

It seems to matter a lot though to everyone else! Everyone my age has a boyfriend and girlfriend and t-they go on dates, and make fun of me because I don't want one! It isn't my fault that no boy wants to date me and I spend all my time studying!

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Maybe I'm already past the age of dating! Akira asked with a hesitant gaze, Rossweisse turns back to him, bags under her eyes, and a fearful expression on her face, only driving up Akira's fears even more, and then her weak hand touched his shoulder, heavy breathing came from the silver haired Valkyrie in training.

I'm sorry, I can't ever give you grandchildren because I'm near the age and I haven't found my ideal partner yet! I've been too busy, and now no one is going to look at me either! You both can marry at any age, and because of your species, you have lifetimes to find your loves. Don't listen to rumours now.

To be able to go home It will be the best thing ever Yes, I see, I understand. I shall come right away. I'm sorry, but I am going to have to go. Are you three going to be okay? Rossweisse answered normally, Akira turning his head to the side, and overlooked a beautiful mass of water nearby. The shimmering of the water caused himself to feel cool inside. Gasper looked as well, and then blushed as she felt Akira's hand petting her head gently, soothingly and calmly as well. We couldn't afford it, and I'm not exactly the richest either so That was until Akira saw that people, mostly kids, were running around.

Halfbreed Warrior, by Bobbi Smith - Bobbi Smith

Akira decided to follow them with his eyes, and saw that they were entering a building. Curious, his eyes turned towards that area. There's this one girl from my class that has this hero on the rising as her boyfriend, and because she is from a family that holds a lot of money and the likes, she likes giving out prizes to people who could beat her boyfriend, but because he's rather strong, no one our age has done it before.

It might be entertaining to see people having fun at our age. Reaching the large doors, they went to open them, but a boy around their age came bursting out from the door, and landed on the ground heavily. Akira, Gasper and Rossweisse gave him a curious look, seeing his eyes rolling in the back of his head. They are your people Rossweisse-san, and Odin-sama's already told the area about my existence, so they wont attack me. Upon getting inside, Akira was surprised to see a lot of women.

Not just half and half male and females, it was predominantly female. He guessed it was because most of them were Valkyrie's. Though he didn't know if males could be Valkyrie's. He just wasn't knowledgeable on their species as a whole. He did see a few males around as well, but the number of females outweighed the males by a large margin.

In the centre, inside of a fairly decent sized arena ring, was a young boy who was quite buff for a child his age. But still was a child, and there was an elegant girl that stood in the middle, dressed with proper and prim outfits that would put most to shame. Even Rossweisse, looked on with a slight pout at the expensive clothing she wore. They sell amazing items for fractions of the price.

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Would anyone like to come and try and defeat him? The prize fund currently stands at 10 thousand, is there anyone that would like to fight him? The young woman in the centre of the stage looked around, and her eyes fell upon Akira who was enjoying the spectacle. She remembered who this was from the news, and developed a sly smile on her face. The girl smiled wider. Would you like to try your hand? Akira looked at the prize money, then back to the girl, and her boyfriend, which he thought was weird since they were around ten years old, and from the sounds of it, she was running a business scheme to have her boyfriend fight these people and take their money for themselves.

Do I have to knock him out? Or, is it where they are thrown out of the ring? And also, if the opponent gives up, then that's considered a win. So, what do you say? Akira got himself pumped up, Rossweisse on the other hand placed a hand on his arm, pulling him back. I mean, I've heard he's quite strong, and you've only just come out of the hospital. The young girl who was running the fight smirked, and went to the side. The man with the muscles looked upon Akira, and snickered. The boy roared, and the crowd went wild. Rossweisse and Gasper watched on with worry as Akira swung his head back and forward.

You shouldn't underestimate your opponents before getting a good feel for them. Like, I am not underestimating you, I'd ask you do the same for me please. As soon as she said that, the boy before Akira clapped his hands together, and a small shake of the arena happened. Akira got into a fighting pose. He was more comfortable with a sword, but he didn't mind hand to hand. The boy didn't like that and his hand glowed with magical powers. Rossweisse didn't like this at all, she didn't want Akira to be hurt, and then saw that the man's hand glowed with fire magic.

Akira took note of that, and hummed to himself as Gasper's nervous hands tightened. The boy rushed Akira with his fist full of flames. Rossweisse looked on, worried for what was going to happen, but then as the boy neared Akira, his hand outstretched. But the instant that Akira's and the boys hand touched, Akira muttered "Worthless. He didn't know what to say and neither did the audience and Rossweisse showed a small smile on her face along with Gasper, as Akira pulled to the side.

My Tou-chan taught me that. Always have a plan within a plan when fighting to fall back on. He got to the left of him, and put his leg behind the boys. Then, using a thrusting technique of his palm, the force of it forced the boy backwards, and with his leg behind him, his body went into the air, and due to the force, he went flying across the stage. He put his hand forward, and activated a few magical circles. From the circles, flames appeared, into balls, and shot them forward towards Akira. With Comanche blood flowing hot through his veins, Hawk always knew he was different.

Everywhere he went, people scorned him, feared him, hated him—and he expected the same when hired on at the Lazy S Ranch to help catch rustlers. Her impulsive spirit and generous heart broke through his reserve and made him want to love again. Not with the job he had to do.

None had managed to win her love…until the mysterious stranger with the power to tame the legendary wild horse strode into her life. Randi knew he was a halfbreed, but something about him called to her.

Halfbreed Warrior Halfbreed Warrior
Halfbreed Warrior Halfbreed Warrior
Halfbreed Warrior Halfbreed Warrior
Halfbreed Warrior Halfbreed Warrior
Halfbreed Warrior Halfbreed Warrior

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