Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant

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Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant by M. W. Fowler Book Reviews

Potter fans desperate to satisfy their wizard fix may be able to do so here. Do you work in the book industry? Ezra tried to defuse the situation while also stressing how bad them stealing from the Ashdrake ship is. Grammy pulled out the grapeshop and fell down face first. Poliffi and Pliskin came up with another crate of stolen goods. Ezra in a panic told them of the their current alliance with the Ashdrake and demanded that they started to put the stuff back. After leaving Grammy a healing potion Ezra ran off to distract them.

Roc offered Ezra a trip down to their ship, to which Ezra could not think of a reason to turn that down. Back on the Yeldin Eloy and Wake found Grammy in a pool of her own blood. Wake gave her some of the metal they found in the ship and she used that to fix herself. He took Nedra down below to find risf. He spotted Onslow cowering in a corner as Grammy walked past. Wake entered to see Risf in a meditation pose with his eye glowing a deep color.

He snapped out of it hearing Nedra was not feeling well. Wake asked what Risf was doing.


He said he was speaking with Vexkor again. His acolytes was on his way. Wake laughed at the name. Risf looked over Nedra and noticed his blood was almost frozen. He told Wake Nedra should do anything too physical or demanding for the next few days. Wake left Nedra with Risf shutting the door behind with as Risf went back to speak with the death god. On the Ashdrake ship Ezra was being shown around.

Ezra's Crate Day

He was freaking out a little seeing Poliffi trying to hide behind the crates. He tried to keep their attention to them as Pliskin and Poliffi was trying to get out. Roc offered them a barrel of the grapeshots the crew already stole. Ezra had a close call as Mite heard something and went to explore and caught a mouse. Ezra exhaled seeing the two members of his crew jumping out of a window. The group headed back over to the Yeldin to see Wake feeding the mimic ship the rest of the metal he collected on the ship.

Mite and Roc awed at the ship eating things. Wake took out the grapeshot that crushed Grammy and feed that to Yeldin as well. Mite wonders how he got that so fast. Wake simply implied it must have been a misfire of some sort. Mite and Roc became more confused when the subject changed to Risf being able to speak with Vexkor.

Mite and Roc wanted to speak with Risf if at all possible. Heading down the ship they encountered Pliskin and Poliffi. After entering the room they saw a spectral form of him was leaving his chest. After coming to Risf explained he was practicing a new prayer and ability. Risf demonstrated that he could now touch someone with his darken scale side and not pull out their soul. After giving Risf a high five Wake heard a weird voice in his head to not make fun of a people and was given a vision of Joe. He wished to steak with Risf further. The two crews traded emblems as proof of their alliance before splitting ways.

Mite and Roc took the sealed goblin child with them as Frits Ashdrake would be able to get some information out of him. This is the first book in the Ezra Sound series by M. Ezra Sound must discover why he is considered a giant among his new friends before the dark wizard, Malleus, gains control of a secret Ezra hid in a past he doesn't remember.

The journey to find himself takes him on an adventure across the United Kingdom. Thankfully, he has a beautiful witch, Lauren, and several other memorable characters to help him. How I Became a Giant intertwines myth and history to create a hero's quest filled with love, humor, and loads of action.

The idea of escaping the doldrums of modern office life for a grander destiny is something that resonates in the modern world.

For the title character in Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant, the debut novel by M. Fowler, this dream is about to explode in a cloud of magic dust. Ezra Sound is a piece of post-Harry Potter fiction, a well-crafted love letter to British culture beyond the obvious Potter-ish stylings that will give casual readers a mystery that will keep them guessing and Anglophiles a plethora of fun Easter eggs on top of a compelling plot that seems both familiar and wholly unique.

  • George Ezra | Revolvy.
  • Living with the Laird: A Love Affair with a Man and his Mansion.

Accompanying Ezra on his quest are Lauren, a co-worker who Ezra is perhaps not so strangely attracted to, Billie, a tough-as-nails cab driver, and Bronx, a massive satyr bodyguard. Opposing them is the mysterious dark wizard Malleus and his shadow, Suellam, whose motivations may not necessarily coincide with those of his master. Ezra is a wonderfully realized protagonist who develops in a manner both well-paced and genuine, and watching him come into his own over the course of the story is fulfilling and enjoyable.

Malleus or Suellam never rises above being a two-dimensional threat, someone we know is dangerous only because the characters in the story keep telling us that he is.


The twists and turns of the narrative are unpredictable but never forced or unnatural, providing a smooth, surprising, almost cinematic reading experience. The novel ends quickly, devoting a single chapter to the climactic battle between good and evil. But then, the main conflict at the heart of Ezra Sound is not the struggle between the titular hero and his nemesis, but rather the internal struggle Ezra contends with as he ventures down a magical road of self-discovery.

The book constantly reminds readers of its British setting, whether through the frequent mentions of locations, slang, or pop culture allusions. Although the story rockets from one location to another, following Ezra on his quest, the scenery never fails to conjure distinctly British images and feelings: Although this may leave some readers feeling as though there is untapped potential in this novel, it truly only suggests that stories even greater and more epic in scope await Ezra, and us, in the future. How I Became a Giant is a novel that any fan of modern fantasy should enjoy, brimming with whimsy, promise, and plenty of magic.

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Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant
Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant
Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant
Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant
Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant
Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant
Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant Ezra Sound: How I Became a Giant

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