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Festivals, Awards and Rewards!


August 23, And that's a Wrap! March 25, First Look: It's the Winter Trailer! November 17, Brrr! It's Winter in Siatista!


October 21, Arrival in Greece! October 15, Niko has been making his boxes! Many, many thanks to all our wonderfull backers we are halfway there! October 3, Halfway There!

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In other news, we're live on one of the The beautiful, the fantastical, and the eccentric are always in the forefront of our imaginations, and we foster a creative environment that thrives on collaboration. Officially founding the company in , the dynamic duo have been working together since , on projects spanning commercials, titles, 2D-3D shadow play backgrounds for films, live circus design, music videos, theatre projection, scripts, and other adventures. Our studio may be small, but we're agile, with an international network of collaborators we love working with to bring projects to life.

An award-winning production designer, a talented and resourceful costumer, and the perfect location bring great value to the look of the film. A Weird and Wonderful Script - Written by Elizabeth and Kostas, with writer Jakub Woroszylski, the film will be taking us to an area of Greece never before seen in film, exploring some lesser know local traditions, with oddities inspired by H.

Lovecraft, Poe, and a little Hitchcock. Addressing the current unrest from a creative angle, we address the crisis from the point of view of the expat returning home.

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Audience - Our social media network is growing by leaps and bounds every week. Already, we have found local support in Greece, from the community and online, and it's great to see audiences already excited to watch the film!

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  2. The Winter Announces US Distribution!;
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  5. .
  6. Finances - We've worked hard at saving up and gathering all the funds we've needed for equipment and to make it through the shoot, just a little bit more and we'll be set to travel. After that, we've got all the post production support arranged, and we're in talks with lots of serious sponsors for the future. So, we know it will have great visuals, great editing, great sound, and it will get shown, and all we need to do now is get it shot!


    We're looking to raise funds specifically to transport our kit and crew from London to Greece during the shoot. This is a big chunk of our budget flights, car rental, gas, and insurance and it would be great to know we've got it completely covered, so we can focus on getting a great shoot in the can.

    Since we'll be shooting in tough and spooky conditions on a very low budget, we've picked out a few critical crew members that are especially adept at their jobs, and together we're all focused on using our limited resources the very best we can.

    Your funds will help use get these hardy folks on the set with us. It's going to be an amazing experience, and we believe we'll have an incredible film for you. For more information, you can visit the official Winter website and our VFX company home. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. You'll get our heartfelt thanks, and a digital thank you postcard, because every little bit counts! You'll get a public thank you on our website and a digital download of 5 Photo Stills from the film!

    You'll get a public thank you on our website and a digital download of 5 Photo Stills from the film.

    PLUS a download of the exclusive Behind-the-Scenes documentary about the haunted house the very minute it's ready!

    Melancholy Star Melancholy Star
    Melancholy Star Melancholy Star
    Melancholy Star Melancholy Star
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    Melancholy Star Melancholy Star
    Melancholy Star Melancholy Star
    Melancholy Star Melancholy Star
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    Melancholy Star

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