Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies)

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(Formerly Democratization Studies, Frank Cass)

The role of civil society in democratization processes | ERC: European Research Council

Globality, Democracy and Civil Society explores the relationship between the concepts of democracy and civil society through a comparison of their meaning and function in different historical and cultural contexts. This volume presents detailed contextual studies in Europe, North America, Japan,…. Edited by Jacques Bertrand , Oded Haklai. Many new democracies are characterized by majority dominance and ethnocentrism.

Varying paths or transitions toward democracy create very different outcomes for how ethnic identities, communities and politics are recognized. This book illustrates the varied consequences of democratization, from…. Though scholarly attention to democracy promotion is increasing, there is still little comparative and theoretically-based work on the protagonists of democracy promotion.

NGOs, civil society and democratization: a critical review of the literature

This book investigates the motives that drive democracy promotion in a comparative and theoretically oriented manner, exploring…. This book offers an examination of how a deeply divided post-conflict society embarks on democratic transition. Using Rwanda as the case study, it combines analysis of democratic transition and ethnopolitical debate, asking why deeply divided ethnic societies have a tendency to fail. This book provides an introduction to democratic theory and empirical research on democracy and democratization.

The book first examines conceptions of democracy from the origins in ancient Greece to the present day, then tracks when and where modern democracy has developed. On this basis, the book…. By Matthew Alan Hill. This book investigates US foreign policy and tests the hypothesis that transition-inspired democracy promotion will successfully establish liberal democracy around the world, and thus fulfil the aims of the American mission and its application of the democratic peace.

It features two detailed case…. This book provides an in-depth discussion and analysis of democracy in Europe, with a focus on the new EU member states, and makes an important and original contribution to the debate on the future of European democracy. Author Paul Blokker seeks to provide a critical reconceptualization of the…. This book brings together the conceptual and theoretical writings of Joseph Schumpeter, Robert A.

Understanding Civil Society

It demonstrates that most of the different conceptions of democracy in the democratization literature can be ordered in one systematic regime…. This book investigates the successes and failures in consolidating those democratic regimes that emerged in Europe and Latin America in the last quarter of the 20th century.

The theoretical approach developed combines the most prominent political-institutional and socio-structural approaches to…. Why are some regimes democratic while others are not? Specifically, how have Spain and Italy managed to become democratic while Turkey, which shares many similar characteristics, has not? Spain, Italy and Turkey have shared common historical features which would have been disruptive to any new….

Edited by Peter Burnell , Richard Youngs. This important text explores the widespread contention that new challenges and obstacles have arisen to democratization, assessing the claim that support for democratization around the world is facing a serious challenge. Bringing together leading international scholars of democratization,….

Edmund Wnuk-Lipiński

This book defends the case for the expansion of the democratic model to the global political sphere. Concentrating on the democratic deficit of international affairs, it examines the nexus between the phenomenon of international exclusion and the political response of global democracy. Edited by Frederic Volpi , Francesco Cavatorta. This book examines the role that political Islam plays in processes of democratization in the Muslim world, detailing the political processes that facilitate the collective learning of democratic ways of solving the practical problems of those polities.

Democratization in the Muslim World…. This volume explores the nature of the Internet's impact on civil society, addressing the following central questions: This title examines the political role of courts in new democracies in Latin America and Africa, focusing on their ability to hold political power-holders accountable when they act outside their constitutionally defined powers. The book also issues a warning: Edited by Peter Burnell , Peter Calvert. This title brings together competing theories of civil society with critical studies of the role of civil society in diverse situations and the way in which it has been promoted as the key to democratization.

The combination of contemporary theory and practical applications provides valuable…. Edited by Richard Gillespie , Richard Youngs. Since the early s, the European Union has pursued policies designed to promote democracy and respect for human rights in other parts of the world. This book offers a critical assessment of the strategy upon which this activity has been based. Edited by Roger Southall. This collection examines the nature, scope and prospects for political opposition under African National Congress political dominance. Edited by Paul Lewis. This work surveys processes of party development in the context of the ten years of democratic change in post-communist eastern Europe.

It examines the capacity of the former ruling parties to attract contemporary voters and their role in contributing to the consolidation of the new democratic…. Edited by Peter Burnell. This examination of how Western governments support democracy worldwide considers how countries use this aid. Attention is paid to post-conflict situations and semi-authoritarian regimes where democratization has stalled, and international support of democratic decentralization is assessed.

Edited by Peter Ferdinand. The Internet is transforming relations between states and citizens.

Civil Societies and Democratization

This study gives examples of how it is creating new political communities at various levels, both in democracies and authoritarian regimes. It is also used by marginalized anti-democratic groups such as neo-Nazis. It seeks to establish common themes, whether or not they appear to fit a grand casual….

Edited by Vicky Randall. Mass communications media play a potentially crucial role both in democratization and in ensuring democracy's survival. The essays in this volume analyse differing aspects of the complex relationship between the media and democracy in a diverse range of national contexts. The Legitimacy of Citizen-led Deliberative Democracy The G in Belgium By Didier Caluwaerts , Min Reuchamps For deliberative democrats, the strength of any democracy is public deliberation, the frequent and reasoned discussion between citizens on political issues. Despite all the theoretical claims made about deliberative systems, the question remains how to empirically assess both the legitimacy and… Hardback — Routledge Democratization Studies.

Challenges of Democracy in the 21st Century Concepts, Methods, Causality and the Quality of Democracy Edited by Luca Tomini , Giulia Sandri The effectiveness and capacity of survival of democratic regimes has been recently and widely questioned in the public and political debate. Both democratic institutions and political actors are increasingly confronted with rapid economic and societal transformations that, at least according to… Hardback — Routledge Democratization Studies.

This book examines different forms of political participation in democracies, and in what… Hardback — Routledge Democratization Studies. When Democracies Collapse Assessing Transitions to Non-Democratic Regimes in the Contemporary World By Luca Tomini While the process of democratization is nowadays an established scholarship, the reverse process of de-democratization has generated less attention even when the regression or even breakdown of democracy occurred on a regular basis over past decades. This book investigates both the different… Hardback — Routledge Democratization Studies.

Politics and Democracy in Microstates By Wouter Veenendaal Why are small states statistically more likely to have a democratic political system? By comparing the four… Paperback — Routledge Democratization Studies. Obydenkova , Alexander Libman In recent decades, the regions of Russia have taken different paths of regime transition.

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Using an innovative… Paperback — Routledge Democratization Studies. Democratization in EU Foreign Policy New member states as drivers of democracy promotion Edited by Benedetta Berti , Kristina Mikulova , Nicu Popescu New democracies are uniquely positioned to promote democratic values and have a competitive advantage in the global democracy assistance industry. This book examines the attempts of one group of young democracies, from Central and Eastern Europe CEE , to channel this pro-democracy agenda into both… Paperback — Routledge Democratization Studies.

Mudacumura This edited volume brings together critical insights that address the multifaceted problems of governance and democracy in the developing regions with specific reference to Africa. It explores both the externally prescribed and home-grown governance initiatives geared toward democracy and… Hardback — Routledge Democratization Studies.

Democratizing Central and Eastern Europe Successes and failures of the European Union By Luca Tomini At first, it was believed that accession to the EU would have a positive effect on the process of democratization in former communist countries. This book reconsiders the results… Paperback — Routledge Democratization Studies. NGOs, civil society and democratization: Vol 2, Issue 1, pp.

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Download Citation If you have the appropriate software installed, you can download article citation data to the citation manager of your choice. Via Email All fields are required. Send me a copy Cancel. Request Permissions View permissions information for this article. Keywords civil society , democratization , development , neoliberalism , NGOs , state. Remember me Forgotten your password? Subscribe to this journal. Vol 2, Issue 1, Exploring the role of NGOs in the politicization Tips on citation download.

Nongovernmental organizations and poverty alleviation in Bolivia.

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  • Realism for the Masses: Aesthetics, Popular Front Pluralism, and U.S. Culture, 1935-1947.
  • Civil Societies and Democratization : Theoria?

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Nongovernmental organizations - performance and accountability: Non-governmental organizations, the state and sustainable agricultural development. Nongovernmental organizations and the state in Asia: NGOs and civil society: NGOs and the political development of the Third World. The role of NGOs in changing state-society relations: Development Policy Review 9, 53 - Non-governmental organizations and the promotion of democracy in Kenya.

Thesis, University of Sussex: Institute of Development Studies. Alternatives 17, - Social captial, civil society and development. Third World Quarterly 22, 7 - From confrontation to collaboration: Confrontation, co-operation and cooptation: NGOs and the Ghanaian state during structural adjustment.

Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies) Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies)
Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies) Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies)
Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies) Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies)
Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies) Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies)
Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies) Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies)
Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies) Civil Society in Democratization (Democratization Studies)

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