Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind

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The Role of Systematic Relaxation in Healing

Relaxation and Healing

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Discover simple habits and exercises to get disciplined and achieve your goals. Never Binge Again tm: Know WHY you have symptoms Life Unlock your body's natural healing intelligence using the precision of Lifestyle Prescriptions and the Art and Science of Self-Healing. An engaging tale of spiritual exploration for physical and mental wholeness. Burst the barriers of old thinking for a healthier, happier life. Review This is a very fine book with excellent advice. The Body Healer Protocol will take you on an unforgettable journey to not only free yourself from disease, but also free yourself from the illusion that you are powerless when it comes to transforming both your life and your health.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. It has changed my life. This has to be one of the best books on mind body medicine I have ever read. It was recommended to me by a friend who is into energy medicine. This book is a very different take on what causes disease and how you can eliminate it completely and permanently from your life.

The single most powerful faculty of the human mind is the conscious use of attention. Almost always, our attention is directed and focused by forces outside of our conscious awareness. Events in the outer world grab our attention. For instance in this moment your attention may be focused on these words you are reading. Or if you look up from reading, you may see something that triggers a thought. For an instant your attention was on what you saw, and then it was quickly redirected to the thought that was triggered by seeing it.

Perhaps it was the word for the object, its name; or maybe it was a short story about it, "That's the photograph of All of the practices and exercises on this website have the common feature of helping train the Healer's mind to change the old, conditioned habits of attention by bringing the faculty of attention itself under the conscious control of the Healer.

We cannot truly be here for ourselves until we can assume the authority of consciously choosing for ourselves what we pay attention to. The conditioning that has held habits of attention and imprints in place is very powerful. And yet it easily lets go when we take control of our own attention.

One common unconscious habit of attention has been to ignore or dismiss bodily sensations while reading. Another more problematic habit of attention is to escape from unwanted feelings and sensations by paying attention to thoughts instead.

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The Healer's attention is focused on feelings and sensations because that's where the healing is needed. And ironically it's the attention itself that heals. Healing happens when our loving attention falls upon a previously unwanted or ignored feeling. In the deeper layers of ourselves as Beings, a circle completes between the Universal Feminine, the root of the feeling and the Universal Masculine, the attentive lover of the feeling.

HEAL – From the Inside Out

In this way humans and Deity work, play and dance together collaboratively to heal themselves-and in the process, Creation itself. A camera can be a useful metaphor for the mind's faculty of attention. We can consciously direct our attention and adjust the focus of attention, just as we can change the camera angle and adjust the focus of the lens. Attention can be directed either inside of self or outside, and it can be adjusted to anywhere from laser sharp to soft and diffuse.

A wide-angle focus allows us to take in the larger picture, and a sharply focused attention allows us to study something specific in detail. Although we have always had the ability to consciously direct and focus our attention, this has almost always been an automatic, unconscious process. Because of the mind's conditioning, it's been happening without us even realizing we had a choice. With conscious awareness of our attention comes the possibility of consciously moving attention from the thoughts and ideas of mind toward the feelings and sensations beneath those thoughts.

Also like a camera lens, we can focus our attention either on what is in the foreground of awareness or what's in the background. As conscious awareness fades into the background, it goes beyond the range of the lens of attention and becomes unconscious. For the Healer and explorer, the most interesting and helpful aspects of conscious awareness are found in the deep background of awareness and in the layers of the unconscious immediately below conscious awareness, often referred to as the 'subconscious.

What happens in our inner process has, for the most part, remained undetected by our conscious awareness, or at best kept in the deep background of awareness. However, as the Healer working to improve our inner process, we want to refocus our attention on the elements of process formerly relegated to the background. For instance, in ordinary consciousness the words you are reading and their associated thoughts are in the foreground, and the way your body feels in the chair is in the background.

As an experiment, you can continue reading and paying attention to the words and their meanings while also feeling whatever bodily sensations are available to feel in the moment. You need to learn to relax and calm down. According to Cleveland Clinic, mind-body exercises are powerful and effective in calming people. The relaxation response has been shown to be effective in managing several health conditions like chronic pain.

In diabetics, relaxation training helps control blood sugar levels and has also been found to reduce the need for insulin in some people. Activities like gardening, petting the cat, knitting, and watching television are definitely relaxing, but only for a while. These activities distract you and calm your frayed nerves, but only while you are at them. As soon as the activities are over, the niggling doubts and the gnawing worries rush back and overwhelm you. People will push your buttons. Life will throw curveballs at you.

Sometimes well-laid plans will go awry and leave you clutching at straws. Accept that you cannot control everything that happens to you.

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Along with cultivating this attitude of acceptance, learn how to change your perspective, so you can see the silver lining in the clouds and spot solutions or opportunities instead of problems. An approach that will help you recalibrate your thoughts, beliefs, and priorities. Our thoughts tend to be wayward; the human mind has a nasty habit of jumping from one thought to another and dwelling on negatives.

Guided meditation gently steers your thoughts, feeds suggestions to your sub-conscious mind, teaches you how to gain distance from negative thoughts and nurture more helpful ideas. It also teaches you, how to let go of muscular tension in your body from head to toe, in a profound, truly rejuvenating way. In other words, a guided meditation program lets you take control of your mind and body and nurture the inner balance that is conducive to physical, psychological and social well-being.

The role of visualization as a performance-boosting technique has been extolled in self-development literature. But not many people know that visualization can also enforce positive changes at a bodily level and trigger the healing process. There exists a definite mind-body connection. When you visualize positive images, your mind triggers a host of pleasant sensations throughout the body.

Think about those warm, fuzzy feelings that wash over you when you think about or meet a loved one or watch your favorite movie or play with your kid. We are all familiar with these feelings, but scientists have delved deeper and believe that these positive and pleasant emotions can also help you heal at a physical level. Imagery triggers powerful physiological outcomes.

The sub-conscious mind is so powerful that it can make the body respond to images as strongly as genuine experiences. Imagery has been shown to affect heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, immune responses, and cortisol levels, among other physiologic systems. According to several research studies, visualizing healing imagery—seeing oneself as hale, hearty, free of injuries, and fully functioning—have helped athletes recover from injuries quicker than the time they would have needed to recover without imagery intervention.

Visualization is so effective as a healing technique that guided imagery therapy is now recognized as a valid mind-body therapy to be implemented with other treatment methods. The findings of this study reveal interesting insights on the power of positive thinking.

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Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind
Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind
Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind
Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind
Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind
Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind
Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind
Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind Healing the Body & Inside the Healers Mind

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