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Since that day, it is rare for me to go anywhere without a well read copy of the Catholic Classic stuffed with care in my bag, and read a chapter or two every chance I get. It never gets 'old', and it's refreshing, penetrating words always "speak to me" in new and inviting ways, as if it were the first time reading that particular passage every time! I was very pleased to see these new leather zip-cover versions, as I've gone through a couple soft cover versions with daily wear and tear, in and out of the backpack, etc.

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There are two versions in these similar covers, two different translations by two seperate publishers. The one pictured here is my personal favorite, published by TAN, it is the same trusted and true old translation that is found in the beloved old 'Confraternity of the Precious Blood' versions This version was originally translated from Latin by Richard Challoner D. Though it is written in an older style of proper English, it is easy enough for most people to comprehend, and the older writing style has much artistic, poetic charm that is often times lost in some of the newer 'up-to-date' English translations.

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Remember, this is the second most translated and published book in history next to the Holy Bible! The other new leather zip-cover version available now looks nearly identical to this, but rather than a Cross on the front cover, it has a 'Chi Ro' design and omits the authors' name. This version, equally impressive, is put out by the Catholic Book Publishing Co. Fitzpatrick that is available in the small red hardcover version that is quite popular by the same publisher.

This too is an excellent version, but the translation is much more modern and more readable by the everyday layperson, or anyone who wishes to hear this timeless wisdom in a more easily accessible version without the 'thee's, thou's, and shall's" of the aforementioned version.

Editions of The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

It's personal preference, example There are those who may say that A' Kempis's writings are 'not for everyone', as most of his writings were written to give guidance to the young novitiates of his monastic order where he served as Novice Master for a time, but please do not let that turn you away from the holy and life changing power of his spiritually uplifting direction that still speaks to many today. If you have any call to any form of holiness, or just want to enhance and reinvigorate your daily spiritual life, there is no way that you can go wrong with Thomas A 'Kempis and this, his most well known and loved body of work.

The majority of the book is do's and dont's about how to be a better person. That would ordinarily bore me but this list is surprisingly fresh and contains a number of ideas that go beyond the obvious. It's not written from a dogmatic 'do this or God will punish you' point of view. Instead it's more like 'you'll go deeper in your meditation practice if you avoid these pitfalls'. The benefit of reading it is not so much that I learn new information but that it seems to work on the reader's mind in a subtle way, so that if one opens the book feeling agitated about the details of his or her complicated life, after a chapter or two one is reminded that life is something deeper than those trivial details.

After twenty minutes of reading I often forget completely whatever thought was troubling me and feel calmer and more clearly motivated to focus on what really matters in life and let everything else take its own natural course. The author makes occasional mention of a secret level of spiritual instruction that is given to only a select few.


Although it's interesting to speculate about what type of instruction the author refers to, don't hope for this book to divulge too much about its contents. The author stays focused on the main topic of how to structure ones outer life to facilitate development of the inner life.

A modern, elegant, and very readable translation of a 15th century masterpiece. Timely and deeply challenging, this book has stood the test of six centuries and remains a treasure of spiritual guidance. Intended especially for those in religious life, it remains useful and provocative to lay persons as well.

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The are so many fake sites which said they have the book that I want like latest Harry Potter. This is the first that worked! Recent Activity Loading activity Korryn McMinn Finally I can download and read this ebook. Tara Leigh I was worry at first time when I got redirected to the membership site. It is, rather, a meditative approach, by which the reader seeks to taste and savor the beauty and truth of every phrase and passage. There are four steps in lectio divina: This kind of reading is itself an act of prayer.

And, indeed, it is in prayer that God manifests His Presence to us. Introduction The Imitation of Christ , which first appeared in the late fifteenth century, has without exaggeration been called the most widely read work of devotion ever written. It encourages us to live a life devoid of worldly vanities and, in the words of St. Paul, to put on Christ—that is, to imitate Christ, in order to find peace and fulfillment. Written by a German monk for his fellow clergy, The Imitation of Christ has appeared in nearly two thousand editions and translations since it was first set in then-newly-invented movable type.

Making its message out of hundreds of passages from Scripture, it succeeds in creating a powerful and attractive picture of the spiritual life for readers of any age or era.

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Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version
Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version
Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version
Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version
Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version
Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version
Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version Imitation of Christ - Enhanced Version

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